Anyone looking for a sweet mare?

I know that PPE’s don’t always go the right way, hence my being all mysterious about the potential creature until it’s over and the verdict is in. I’ve also allowed myself to keep [casually] looking at horses online as well, though nothing is quite tugging at my heart strings in the same way said creature is.

However, I came across a rather sweet mare that caught my eye. Her unusual color, nice front end, and let’s not even mention that tail. Even though she doesn’t quite fit what I’ve been looking for, I couldn’t help thinking that this sweet horse looks like a really cool cat who deserves an amazing home.


Since I have no exciting update that I can actually talk about right now, I figured today’s post may better serve the general horse community by spreading the news about a nice looking pony who needs a new human. For more details, check out her listing with the Equine Welfare Society here.

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