Product Review: Kerrits Sit Tight ‘N Warm Breeches

The snowstorm that hit the east coast recently should not be news at this point. So it’s no surprise that we’ve been dealing with some rather frigid temperatures here in North Carolina lately. (Well until today, because of course 3 days later it’s now 60 degrees again)

Being raised in the South, when the mercury dips below freezing, I turn into a grade-A weenie and tuck myself inside with a glass of mulled wine in front of the fire.

But, if it’s above freezing, being an eventer, I can’t justify not riding, and the mulled wine gets set aside for later. That’s when I grab one of my couple pairs of Kerrits Winter Breeches.

(Video taken in navy version of breeches, roughly 30 degrees outside)

The Sit Tight ‘N Warm breeches is pretty much as advertised- the Sit Tight I’m supposing for the full seat (although they do come in knee patch as well) and the warm referring to the fleece lining. Considering the other winter breeches Kerrits offers are called the “Therminator” and “Power Stretch”, I suppose this one is at least descriptive in name.

These jods are well constructed, especially compared to some of the summer weight Kerrits breeches I own that have fallen apart after one season of riding. After my first pair went through a whole winter where they did sole duty for riding the entire time, and came out the other side intact, I decided to purchase a second pair.

The fleece lining really is quite warm, and I am comfortable outside between 45 and 28 degrees (anything lower and you’ll have to follow the scents of spiced wine to find me), and the outer material blocks the wind and elements exceptionally well.

For the full seat aspect, they are somewhat middling in their actual grip, but adequate enough that I don’t feel insecure in the saddle. The only problem with the full seats is that when combined with the thicker fleecy fabric, they get a bit bulky. They definitely don’t make for a particularly svelte outline, but when you look 20 lbs heavier due to all your layers on top, you probably don’t care anyways.


One of the real problems with the bulk though, is that if you wear them for a long day (such as at a show), they do start to rub you in some rather uncomfortable places. Wearing for the few hours to the barn and back, and they are totally fine.

The Sit Tight ‘N Warm breeches, like most of Kerrits’ jods, come in a variety of colors. Since I’m cheap, I bought the discontinued colors, which happen to be royal blue and navy. Smartpak currently offers them in more George Morris approved tones, including rust, brown, and black. At full price, they will set you back roughly $115. My sale versions were purchased for around $80.

My verdict? Totally worth it as winter breeches, especially if bought on sale and intended as schooling breeches. Probably not appropriate for clinics or shows though. They get a B- from me!

8 thoughts on “Product Review: Kerrits Sit Tight ‘N Warm Breeches

    • Oh man, if you think these guys are sticky, you’ve got to try Kerrits Griptek Fullseats.. It does NOT get stickier than that. Maybe I’ll review them next 🙂

  1. i def wear these constantly in the winter (have two pairs!) – and when it’s really cold i even layer another fleecy pair of leggings underneath… but yea, um. bulky. ha ha.

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