Secret Santa Gift

So, basically, I’m a terrible person. But I suppose in my defense, I’ve been a little distracted- for obvious reasons.


Still, I wish I had my sh*t together like StampyandtheBrain, who sent me this completely time-appropriate Secret Santa Gift that I absolutely love!Secret Santa gift

First, let’s all acknowledge the hilarious hipster deer card, and how much I appreciate quirky stuff.

Then, Foster got himself a bag of treats, and the wrapped item (which was confusingly heavy when I picked it up!) turned out to be a Himalayan salt block for his stall! Foster has given both of these presents two thumbs hooves up, as evidenced by the now semi-deteriorated block that hangs near his food. I would have taken a photo, but again- I don’t have my sh*t together these days.

Thank you so much, Phoenix and Stampede, for the lovely treaties! And thank you to Tracy at Fly on Over for hosting the exchange!

So many more reasons to spoil and pamper Foster, who is very appreciative!

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