Two Paths

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Yesterday marked day 9 of our 10 day Previcox trial. And given that tonight it will be approximately 10 degrees, I chatted with the vet to make sure day 8 and 9 would be a good indicator of the drug’s success (it would). So I hopped on (still wearing 1,000 layers from hanging out at the Bobby Costello clinic- post to come), and after a 20 minute walk warmup, had a friend video.
Verdict- he’s significantly improved, though obviously still not 100%. I tried not to make a big effort to put him together and allow him to do his thing for the most part, except when he kept trying to hop into canter while trotting to the right- that’s when I gave up and did sitting trot in order to establish a true trot rhythm.
After sending the video to my vet, along with twenty new questions- I got the verdict. No need to go straight to retirement. He is serviceably sound enough to be a trail riding and light ring work horse, or we could see if anything changes with 8 months off. Two roads- and one horse.
Finding good juju, courtesy of Straight Shot Metal Smashing

Finding good juju, courtesy of Straight Shot Metal Smashing

Right now my first choice would be to find him that free lease situation, as it would guarantee that he would continue to get the care and attention I want him to have. Also, finding a reasonable pasture board situation is proving to provide less leads at the moment. But the person to take over riding my spotted pony will have to be a trustworthy individual who finds Foster just as charming as I do. I’m trying to be realistic in that the first person who comes along may not be a good match, or even the second, but I have a lot of faith that the right person is out there.
I’ve started shooting emails to individuals who may be interested, and I’m hoping to be able to enact a plan either way in the next few weeks. If no one suitable comes forward before then, I’ll send Foster to my parent’s farm to start his pasture period until I can find an appropriate board situation around here. At least that’s the plan as it stands right now!

14 thoughts on “Two Paths

  1. I hope you get some comfort that he may have a job and a happy human relationship yet. Fingers crossed you find someone happy to take him. He’d make a very fancy trail mount!

  2. Good news! Wish I wasn’t moving out of the triangle in May – would have been a great situation! He’s so cute, I’m sure you won’t have any problems.

    • I do. I’m actually very fortunate to have a few prospects for riding- once I get Foster settled in either situation then I’ll be bringing something up very quickly.

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