Let’s Discuss: Thankful

It’s time for this year’s Thanksgiving post, where we all try to take a moment to pause and count our blessings.fb_DSC8362

2015 has been a tough year at the barn. Foster was diagnosed with Grade 4 ulcers in the early spring, which started us on the 10-week-ulcergard-and-alfalfa-lined path to recovery before we could really get to work. Then of course we started having odd lameness issues at the end of June, which led us down the rabbit hole of hell as far as diagnostics and eventually culminated in 2 special hind shoes and 1 bone chip removal surgery. But even though this year and any goals for it was a wash, there are some silver linings. I’ve discovered a great vet who doggedly helped me get to the bottom of Foster’s problems. My horse made it through surgery and hopefully will now have many years ahead of him in his career. I’m truly thankful that Foster has not only come around to his normal goofy, cheeky self, but that he also has been an absolute saint throughout the recovery process. And considering I used up every single penny of my reimbursement money, I’m hella glad for equine insurance.

DSCF2050 copy

In the same line of thinking, I’m especially grateful for the horse community, and for those who have been supportive through Foster’s rough times. Thanks to all of you readers for your sweet comments and positive thoughts, and for providing me with an outlet for discussion and documentation of our journey. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- y’all are awesome.

Fair Hill

Thanks to the friends who have been there this year, and for the adventures we’ve had. Whether you gave me a place to stay, or shared Disney wine nights, or ran around Fair Hill stalking upper level eventing barns- these are the memories that will make 2015 worthwhile.


And lastly, I’m thankful for my family. Thanks to Tyler for being totally engaged and not only supporting me through this year’s craziness, but even defending my passion to those who think horsemanship a trivial thing. Bonus points for being patient and tackling all those house projects this year- the end is in sight! Thanks to my furbabies for keeping me sane, and praise be to God for the health of my loved ones- it’s been rocky at times but we’re trying.

What are you all thankful for this year?



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