Photography Friday: Tryon International Equestrian Center

While visiting Tryon for Foster’s surgery, it was an absolute must-do to go visit the fancypants new International Equestrian Center. I’ve heard so much about this place over the last year and pretty much every equestrian that visits it compares it to some version of horsey Disneyland. So, with camera in tow, I got the grand tour and later came back to watch an actual show in progress.

It started by checking out the barns and the special horse paths, that as you can see are fenced off and flanked by human and motor-vehicle pathways. Along the horse paths were also shaded overhands with fans and misters for those hot Carolina days.fb_DSC8618

Then we made our way over to the rings typically used for the Hunter competitions, and I puzzled over the pink-toned footing that is supposedly magic due to it’s shock-absorbing qualities. It has even been thought to have prevented at least one broken neck from a serious fall earlier in the year.


Hunter's show arena

Hunter’s show arena


We slowly made our way towards the now-famous (at least in this area) George Morris arena, complete with jumbo-tron, astroturf, and again, more fancy footing.


Warmup for the George Morris arena


Jumper in the 1.40 meter class

Jumper in the 1.40 meter class

Then we roamed over the Roger’s diner for a bite, a delightful little vintage spot where you can get breakfast any time and the price is just right.


And to wrap up we admired Bellissimo’s stunning imported carousel, and the front entrance with the ever moving grazing horse statue.



Our photographic tour does not include, of course, the simply vast scale of all the barns and proposed arenas that exist and are currently under construction, nor the quaint temporary-living cabins for competitors and the stunning cottages by the river for long-term rentals. I have no doubt that the next time I visit it all will look completely different, and I definitely want to add this to my list of competition venues for 2016!

Have a happy weekend and a wonderful Labor Day!








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