Let’s Discuss: Besides horses

Though most of the readers of this blog likely fall into the pony prince or princess category, we still are all unique individuals with other varying interests besides horses. With this post, I would love to get an idea of the ‘you’ that falls outside of the realm of being an equestrian.

So I ask- besides horses, what topics bring out the gleam in your eye? What gets you excited besides soft muzzles and the smell of a barn?

For me, I fall fairly confidently into the realm of nerdiness. Here are three things that will make me bounce in my seat with enthusiasm:

Oh yeah, I like Big Bang Theory too

Oh yeah, I like Big Bang Theory too

Jurassic Park
Because VELOCIRAPTORS. I have weekly, sometimes nightly nightmares about velociraptors (last night I was matched up with a velociraptor – Intercollegiate Dressage style- that could talk and had to battle it to the death with only a syringe in hand, ya I know I’m weird) but that only adds to my obsession with all things Jurassic Park. I’ve mentioned it before, but JUNE 12 PLEASE HURRY UP.

Too excited to include a raptor gif

Too excited to include a raptor gif

Harry Potter
I grew up with these books and the sadly for me, the obsession never faded. I’m embarrassed to admit that I own two Snitch necklaces and these DVD’s are on constant rotation in my video collection. I is sad adult.

[insert juvenile gif here]

A decidedly more adult obsession, but a fervent obsession nonetheless. When talking to the husband I’ve stopped referring to the series by name and just call them “my books”. I talk about Diana (as in Diana Gabaldon, the author) as if we are bff’s. I convinced the husband that we should include a pilgrimage to Culloden Battlefield as part of our honeymoon, even though the place is as far away from romantic as a place can be. It could be argued that I have spent more time reading the series than riding, and with a new book in progress, so thankfully the preocupation is not over yet.

Which is now a show, but we all know books trump tv x 1,000,000

Which is now a show, but we all know books trump tv x 1,000,000


So friends, do tell? Besides horses, what gets you excited?

46 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Besides horses

  1. I have always thought of doing one of these posts!
    Although, I don’t feel like I get excited about much outside of horses lol. Most of what I do I related to horses, such as blogging. I do love to read! Nothing in particular, but I guess I am a nonfiction fan. Like dressage books ;). I don’t really have time for life outside of horses, but maybe I should look into that….
    (Just for the record I asked my boyfriend what I like to do outside of the barn and he said blog, clean my tack, and do laundry. Hahahaha I can’t believe how pathetic that sounds).

    • And to add to that, I just mentioned I don’t know what people without horses do. He said, “They do everything else their partner can’t haha. Cook, clean, care for the other pets, and make all the money to spend on the horse.” Haha poor guy….

    • I wish I could get into nonfiction- soaking up dressage theory by book sounds awesome, but I fear I’d give it up after a while.

      And if it makes you feel better- I realized I don’t really have any other hobbies besides horses (unless you count hubs and I’s two stabs at craft brewing), just interests and obsessions!

      • Matt and I were going to try that! Then we realized we have vet bills to pay LOL! Matt is always looking for something to do so once we get moved he’s going to invest in some tools to built me jumps and such. Does that count as horse related? haha

  2. Fun post! I am also pretty nerdy/geeky and love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Once Upon A Time. My husband and I really love watching nature documentaries together! I love bird watching. As a blogger I think it’s pretty obvious that I also enjoy reading & writing. I also love hiking and camping though I don’t get to do it much, and music/singing though I’m not part of any sort of performance group or choir at the moment.

    • Oh, singing! That’s one we share in common- though really it’s mostly to my steering wheel.

      I was watching Once Upon a Time for a while, but just drifted away. But when I saw all the new lady villains they introduced recently, I kind of wanted to pick it back up, just to see how they would bring someone like Ursula on screen!

      • You should definitely catch up! I thought the first episode of this half of season 4 was “meh” but then they started weaving the stories of the characters and it’s just as good!! I love how even the villains are so human.

  3. I’m trying to explore this side of myself. Ponies have been my life for…uh 20± years. I like reading, writing, painting, trying to learn sewing, want to create (cough equestrian cough) jewelry . Lots of creative things. I hardly let anything else on my blog, I’m sadly so pony obsessed. I having been thinking of sharing more.

    Good topic. Can’t wait to read responses.

    • Oh my goodness, sewing. You are a brave, brave lady. (says the person who can barely thread a needle)

      And I completely sympathize with your interest otherwise- try as I might horses always seem to taint my creative pursuits in one way or another! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh man, a lot. Used to be a huge Doctor Who fan, but when David Tennant left the show I had a hard time staying with it. I also love traveling more than pretty much anything else!

  5. I have too many interests! I love vintage things and antiques and reading. And TV. And music. See? Too many interests. I love TV because I love a good story, so that goes back to the reading really.

  6. I love to play volleyball, to cook (but not bake), and to camp/hike/boat. Current TV obsessions include: Doctor Who, Scandal, and rewatching Gilmore Girls on netflix. I’m also huge history nerd, with extra interest in my own family trees (because it’s so cool!!!).

      • That is hilarious!

        The husband and I love history as well. I have a giant family tree on my wall, from my mother’s attempt to see if she was related to Jane Seymour (you know, the non-beheaded wife of Henry VIII). Turns out, my family traces back to canalmen through the 1600s. Still, very cool! You’ll have to post about your fun family tree facts sometime! 🙂

      • Learning about your own family is great! My dad does most of the family work, but he always shares with the family. It’s so interesting! He even found some newspaper articles about my family.

  7. Harry Potter(books and movies), X-Files(my favorite show of all time), and Star Trek get me really excited! I also love reading books of all kinds, from educational horse books to novels. Fantasy novels are some of my favorites. I love Eragon, Last Dragon Chronicles, Harry Potter, and a ton more I can’t list here but I have the whole list on Facebook. For music I love Air Supply, Duran Duran, the Smiths, and other similar bands. Finally, I love to draw and paint horses. Yeah, I have interesting taste.

  8. I have a draft post about things I do outside of horses. I’ll have to finish it sometime. I read a lot. Harry Potter is also on my list. Lots of nonfiction, Young Adult, Romances. As for other hobbies, I do fencing (like the stabbing with swords thing, not the fences in yards/pastures thing – although I have done that too) and board gaming. We also travel quite a bit, though traveling usually also involves horses because we both ride.

      • I don’t have kids. Seriously, I have tons of time on my hands as it’s just work and whatever I want to do. So horses occupy most of that time, but I can work in other hobbies as desired. I also don’t fence as intensely as I should. I was training to go to nationals, but the qualifiers were during Rolex so around January when I realized I couldn’t do both, I started slacking on fencing. Then a regional meet scheduled for May was cancelled and I started slacking more. I actually haven’t been in a few weeks. It’s hard to stay motivated without a goal. I will probably get back into fencing more gung-ho in the winter when there’s less riding fun to be had.

  9. My life is basically grad school, horses, church, sleep… But I have a die-hard Friday Night Lights (the show) obsession (actually own the entire series on DVD because what happens when it leaves Netflix?!) and the second it’s above 65 outside, I literally live at the pool. I’m actually obsessed with being at the pool, like, 3rd grader style. I love to read, but I read really dumb chick lit and a lot of YA type stuff, mainly because I don’t want to read anything serious or intense outside of school. And college sports. I take very few things in life as seriously as I take Auburn football.

    • Oh man, what I would do for some pool time… Somehow even when we had a neighborhood pool it just never worked out- by the time I’d be back from the barn it just wasn’t worth going!

      Grad school is tough! And to do horses on top of it all… well, hats off to you!!

  10. I do volunteer work with a young professional community organization. I am studying for a professional license exam. Hubs and I play computer games and workout together. And I am slowly but surely getting my house organized and “in order.” As to obsessions, I’m a die-hard trekkie and love high epic fantasy series, books and TV/movies.

    • If you’re like me, the house stuff just never ends.

      But what I really want to know is how you get your hubby to work out with you! What magick have you worked??! 😀 😀

      • Backwards magic. *HE* got *ME* to work out with him. Its a program called starting strength, a weight training program with only 3 exercises per day, 3x per week, low rep but high weights. He did it for months and had visible results so I finally joined him.

  11. OMG I’M SO EXCITED FOR JUNE 12!!!!!!!!! And as always HP and OUTLANDER- very much enjoying the Starz TV Show 🙂

    As for other non horsie things… errr….ummmm….taking pictures of….horses? No wait- dogs. hahaha

    In all seriousness I would list out photography and traveling as options because I really do love those things- and reading and reading some more. Fiction books all the way!

    • Haha June 12 is also my birthday, but I admit I’m way more excited about the movie than anything else.

      I’m still a little guarded about the Starz show, I need to catch up on it though for sure!

  12. nice!! ponies are pretty much my main squeeze – but i enjoy lots of other sports too (as a spectator, not a competitor). i can also really get into a good crafts project, and keep hoping that one day i’ll enjoy cooking lol

    • Haha the best thing I like about cooking is when I get to enjoy someone else’s talents! 🙂 Lots of creative people here, but I guess that shouldn’t be surprising!

  13. I’m a total nerd: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Tamora Pierce books, Marvel comics (why yes I have long boxes full, and yes, I decoupaged my own comic book wedding shoes), anything dragon related… etc etc. I’ve been to Ren Faires, comic book conventions, you name it.

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