Just a quickie

.. to say that this week is crazy, and since hand grazing really doesn’t product the best horse-related content, I don’t have much to share this week. Well, except some photos coming Friday of a certain wildly-acclaimed equestrian venue.

Likit carnage

Likit carnage

As predicted there was nothing left to Foster’s likit on day 2. Thank you to all that left comments with boredom buster ideas- I will definitely be looking at some of these and will share results.

Otherwise, life has been revolving around work (mostly) and painting cabinets. We’ve decided to tackle the cabinets in sections so as to not pull apart our entire kitchen at once. But, doing it this way also means that they will take that much longer as we spread the workload out. I’m doing my best not to bite off more than I can chew. The husband recognizes the crazy look I get in my eye when I look at the splendor of the already-painted cabinets, and admonishes me that we are going to take our time. He knows me too well, damnit.

Foster gets his sutures out tomorrow afternoon and an HA injection, and I’ll have a better update next week on how things are looking. More interesting posts to follow!

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