Pre-Vet Appointment Musings

I won’t lie, every time I think of what I might hear tonight I’m filled with a sense of dread, and yet I’m still looking forward to our appointment and desperately hoping to get answers. We’ll be testing for everything from neurological (not likely) to suspensory issues (much, much more likely) and right now the future seems like an uncertain fog looming in the very near distance.

Video of Foster from Tuesday, discussing the fluffy shavings at the vet school and trotting at the 1:20 mark:

I’ve been asked a couple times what I will do if he needs time off. Well, the obvious answer is that he’ll get time off. If that is the solution, then I will find a situation for him to heal that works best for the both of us and we will simply start over again when he’s ready. But if I’m honest, after losing the entire spring season to ulcers and having finally clawed our way back to progressing again in our training, this would be a most bitter pill to swallow.

I don’t know what I’m hoping to find, but I suppose it would be some small insignificant thing that will be mended quickly and quietly.

Hopefully a more clarifying post coming tomorrow. Thanks all for your continued support.


11 thoughts on “Pre-Vet Appointment Musings

  1. Major hugs!!! Lameness and needing answers is such an ugly time for any horse owner and I was there myself last year…If you need a sounding board or someone to vent to Ill happily be here! Prepare for the worst but hope for the best! Time off really helped me grow closer with my horse…if thats what you two end up needing hopefully there is a silver lining as well.

  2. 😦 my fingers are so seriously crossed for you! i know you’ll do what’s right for Foster but i also sincerely hope it all ends up being nbd

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