Back Home – Now what?

After going over paperwork for the release of two horses, sedating Foster’s barnmate to head off any mareish moments in the trailer, and loading both horses up, we finally got back to the barn safe and well, not quite sound, right around 7:30 last night.


Foster was so happy to be home, and his entire expression went from worried at the vet school to bright and perky as he tore into his nibble net in his stall. I lunged him to be sure he could get his sillies out in a controlled way (surprise: there were none) and see how he went. To me there’s still obvious issues with the right hind and slight HL but I’m struggling to see the FR of before. His hind legs are no longer resembling pool noodles, though the FR still has a little heat and puffiness.

After being entirely too clean for 3 days straight, of course this is his first response

After being entirely too clean for 3 days straight, of course this is his first response

I did get a rather rushed version of the results while I was there, but unfortunately felt like I didn’t get all my questions answered in the process. To me, they don’t add up, so I am waiting for the radiologist to speak with my vet, who will then hopefully explain how the bone scan results match what we are seeing. I hope.

Because of this, I won’t go into the details here today but will share more on Friday. We have our follow up vet appointment tomorrow afternoon, and I hope to put all this information into a palatable form at that time.


9 thoughts on “Back Home – Now what?

  1. yay i’m so glad he’s home safe! i hate feeling like i didn’t get my questions answered so hopefully you were able to have a more productive chat with the docs…

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