In which Britt whines about stress

If you want to ignore my whining, and trust me I don’t blame you, tune in next week. I promise I’ll be back to cheerful then.


I’ll admit it, I’m a little overwhelmed. Life is coming at me with just a trifle too much for me to process everything at the moment.

My car decided to have a sick day, which was not cool of it at all. Like, barely got me to work and then was straight up fussy for 36 hours. Of course after that it goes back to normal and even though the shop went over it with a fine tune comb, they can’t find a single thing wrong with it. Oh, except I need four new tires soon. Awesome.

Normally awesome car decided to be not awesome for a day

Normally awesome car decided to be not awesome for a day

Elliot also decided to have sick days, and now needs medicated eye drops three times a day on top of his regular anxiety meds. Thanks Elliot, I promise you I don’t enjoy wrestling you to the ground three times a day either.

And of course Foster’s ulcers and recheck tomorrow are on the brain. Hopefully it will go well, since he’s becoming more and more like himself. By the way, thanks Fosterpants for the solid dressage ride last night. Preesh.

Still, some of it is good- I am absolutely swamped at work but the upside of running to meetings is that I actually get out of my office instead of shutting myself within my windowless four walls murmuring My Precious to the Thunderbolt display before me…

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Also, I get to celebrate this weekend as part of an old friend’s wedding party. Like, this chick and I go back to kindergarten together. Should be lots of fun. Just gotta get that dress altered, then hemmed, and then try not to give a crap about my semi-permanent farmer’s tan arms.

Aren't they cute?

Aren’t they cute?

And lastly, we are so close to wrapping up our master bathroom I can taste it. All it’s lacking is a couple decor items, which I simply haven’t found time to install between coming home and collapsing into bed.

Things will calm down, I know. But whinging about it in the meantime is therapeutic… right?

11 thoughts on “In which Britt whines about stress

  1. lol @ that cat meme! seriously tho sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. but it also sounds like some very good things will be coming your way soon – good luck and hope all is well in short order!

  2. Sending positive vibes your way! A bunch of things just really add up and whining certainly can be therapeutic!

    BTW I’m coming out your way in a month or so I think! =)

  3. I always find life hands us everything at once, or nothing for a long time. I’m sure a down time won’t be too far away.

    YAY for wrapping up master bathroom, such a big renovation job and super rewarding to check that one off the to-do list!

    • Whoops, and I did mean to say that I hope your fur children are feeling tip top in no time. I agree with what you said to Tracy, I’d rather be sick myself than see my pets sick.

  4. Someone said to me- “When you feel like you are running forward totally unbalanced but moving in a straight line, something will give and it will have all been worth it”- or something like that- i think their version was a bit better but that’s the basic gist 🙂 Keep on kicking!

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