3 weeks later and back in the saddle

After 3 long weeks, I finally sat on my horse yesterday!

Foster's friend made him a get well soon basket

Foster’s friend made him a get well soon basket

After checking to see how his NiBBle Net was holding up (Foster and I both think that thing is awkward), and letting him eat his mash while tacking up (PS no girthy-ness exhibited, though it could be the distraction of the food)Β I lunged him for a couple minutes in each direction.

Awkward face + Awkward NiBBle Net

Awkward face + Awkward NiBBle Net. Also, husband thought those were ribs poking out until I assured him it was likely just fat crinkles

Lazy, lazy pony. But still, no real nappiness, so I hopped aboard.

Those ears, I have missed them.

Those ears, I have missed them.

I really only sat on him for 15 minutes, most of which was at the walk. When we trotted, ha, if you could call it that- jogged? Tralked? I let him do as he pleased and gave him lots of good boy’s even though he looked like a spotted giraffe camel while doing it.

At the end of our miniscule ride he did start to seek the contact and after a few steps of stretchy trot I called it a good day. Poor boy was sweaty due to temps in the mid 70s and obviously being out of shape. Also my own shortcomings, as documented in yesterday’s post. Surely it will take some time to build back up the fitness.

Foster's frand

Foster’s frand

We’ll continue with these mini rides for a while and keep walking and trotting until he seems happily cantering. I’m trying not to hold him to any kind of timeline, I’m mentally prepared for 6 weeks of ulcer treatment, and after talking to another boarder who’s grade 3 ulcer horse was treated for 2 months, I’m now thinking it may be even longer.

Still- I can’t tell you how good it felt to be back in the saddle!



14 thoughts on “3 weeks later and back in the saddle

  1. So glad things are getting better and you got riding again! On a different note, we just recently tried these nets too and, also, found them quite awkward. I gave up on them. Any tips? My horse kept flipping it around and then getting frustated and simply trying to eat through the whole bag. My daughter’s horse just stood there upset and starving!

    • No tips yet, sadly. Our main issue is where to put it that he can’t put his foot through the strap (which he will, homeboy is quite flexible when he wants to be) but also have it in a location that makes it easy for the barn help to fill. Right now we have a bungee system in place, but I’m not sure that is going to be a long term solution….

      Also, yes- I haven’t seen Foster flip his around, he just tries to eat out of the top and gets frustrated too. Poor guys!

  2. “tralked” haha – that’s a new one! also the cat pic is very cute πŸ™‚ glad he’s doing well – fingers crossed it keeps on getting better!

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