Side Effects of Ulcer Treatment

Not listed on the little tubes of Omeprazole:

Warning: Rider may experience frustration/anxiety/crankiness due to not riding.


Warning: Rider may or may not gain 5-10 lbs, due to not riding.


Warning: Horse may lose his beautiful topline, due to not riding.


Warning: Horse may gain weight. Just like rider, it will go straight to his gut. (Kidding- thank goodness my horse is gaining weight)


Warning: Rider may have to delay move-up to Training another year, due to not riding.


While I whinge about our waistlines and all that, it should be noted, there have also been some positives from the ulcer treatment:

Warning: Horse may start prancing around his field, the little show off.


Warning: Horse may want to move forward again.


Warning: Horse may become a happier, brighter eyed beastie.


Eh, so I guess it’s OK, all in all ๐Ÿ™‚

Plans to *gasp* sit in my saddle tonight, hope this goes well!

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