Video Frenzy

Or, how to procrastinate at work.

My favorite videos (besides the music video for Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran) are horse videos. You know you’re a pony-princess for life when a video of a horse galloping down a track can literally give you goosebumps. Here are some of my favorites from over the years, that I just love watching and re-watching whenever I need a pick-me-up.

Blu Hors Matine WEG Freestyle
If you haven’t seen this video, you might be in the minority. It’s been paired with all sorts of music in many versions, but nothing beats the original. I’m going to be brave and admit to y’all- I may or may not have cried the first time I watched this. I’ve seen it so many times, and it consistently gives me goosebumps every. time. DQ or not- I assure you, if ever you’ve witnessed a partnership between rider and horse, you will appreciate this video.

Brentina RESPECT Freestyle
Continuing with the dressage theme- this is another of my absolute favorites. It just screams ‘girl power’ to me, and proves that humor (watch till the end) and dressage can be tastefully and artfully combined. Plus, the commentary is, I find, enlightening. Can we all appreciate that hot damn, that mare’s got a nice bum? Love this classic duo of Brentina and Debbie McDonald.

Teddy O’Connor at Rolex
This one is less goosebumps, and more sheer amazement at the abilities and bravery of horses. Er, ponies. The super pony, Teddy O’Connor, the first pony to complete a 4* event, rocking around the Rolex Cross Country like it’s a game of hop scotch.

Doug Payne 4* ride with Commentary
Ever wanted to ride the cross country course at Rolex? Yeah, me neither. Fortunately, I can live vicariously through Mr. Payne, who does an excellent job explaining his thoughts and plans in a commentary to compliment his helmet cam footage.

Equestrians- Not Afraid
In the line of inspirational videos, I think this one is fairly good. Pairing Eminem with Equestrian montages- sometimes you just need that sort of thing to get you through the day.

A Unique Sport
Another inspirational video with actual equestrians speaking.

Elisa Wallace Mustang Makeover
I admit it, I’m an Elisa Wallace fan girl. Any trainer that can take a wild horse, and in 90 or 120 days, accomplish what she can- I’m impressed. That she uses trust techniques and games, instead of any kind of of cajoling and aggression- that to me is awesome.

Stacy Westfall Bareback Reining Freestyle
I could get into reining- it’s got the partnership and precision of dressage, and some of the adrenaline of jumping. This freestyle ride has been shared over and over again, but it’s one worth watching.

Camel Dressage
Because, why the hell not. This makes me want to ride a camel even more. PS- how does it make you feel to see a camel doing changes? My horse doesn’t even do that [yet].

Oh, there are more, but not all the time in the world to share them. Share your favorite video in the comments below!

I hope everyone has a happy weekend!!



6 thoughts on “Video Frenzy

    • Wow, wow, wow. What amazing music for that horse- and the arena atmosphere! What a heck of a party that must have been! I hope in my lifetime I get to see a performance like that one live. Thanks for sharing!

  1. Loved revisiting some of these videos. Blu Horse makes me cry EVERY TIME! Loved Doug’s video. So sad that we will never see some of these wonderful athletes preform again- may they be galloping in green pastures and smiling down on us every day we ride with inspiration.

  2. love these videos!! and quite a few of them are new to me too! thanks for sharing 🙂 i loved Teddy (and secretly want to share his videos with my little mare haha) and was so sad when they lost him. and i’m also a huge fan of Elisa Wallace and Doug Payne and Stacy Westfall

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