First Level Practice & A Chiro/Hock Update

Last night I threw Foster on the lunge and was pleased to note that the not-quite-rightness in the left hind from the night before was definitely negligible, so much that I was hunting for it, so I hoped on and we worked for about 35 minutes on some Training dressage stuff. The only difference was that he tried balancing himself in my right hand, which was rather annoying, and we finished when he was soft and balanced in both directions. Expecting him to be back to 100% tomorrow.

Also, J was able to take some video of us last week practicing the First Level test 1 tear drops. That is, half of a 10 meter circle to centerline, then a diagonal back to the rail. Video is always helpful, and I can easily see that I need to increase his impulsion, more bend through the body, and make sure he doesn’t get tight with his neck to balance himself. Still, for our first shot at it, it’s not terrible, I guess.

In other news, I bit the bullet and signed him up for the hock injections, to happen next week. Assuming he’s back to 100% tomorrow, we will use the weekend to stuff in a couple last minute lessons and he’ll take it easy next week as he recovers from the procedure. Because of the close timing between the originally scheduled massage and injections, I cancelled the massage so that there is some clarity to what helps (and I suppose what doesn’t). Hopefully the injections are what he needs to make himself straight, and will set us up for success as we start doing bigger and better things.

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