Results are In

Pony was a happy pony!

However, he looked NQR on his right hind. I was warned that he might look a little stiff, and for the moment I’ll put it down to her pelvis adjustment, though I do think hock injections are in his near future. I lunged him for 10 minutes before hopping on and doing another 20 minutes of mostly walking, but a little trot and stretchy canter to get his back moving. She also adjusted his right TMJ during the appointment, which I thought was interesting- he foams up on the left side of his mouth to the point of drooling, after just 10 minutes of work, but the right is almost always dry. Last night after his adjustment, with just minimal riding on the bit, I could already see some of that cherished green lipstick. Foster got some bute mixed in with his alfalfa mash and tucked away for the night.

Warning: Crazy horse lunging here

Warning: Crazy horse lunging here

In other news, I’m tinkering around with the blog. I added 2 new pages under the About section, one with our goals that I hope to mark progress with and another with our competition record. Unfortunately I never did a season recap for 2013 and some of my show recaps from the year are incomplete, but I still feel that it’s helpful in following our progress.

Tonight, more light work and tomorrow, hopefully back to a regular dressage schooling. Then Mr. Fancypants gets a massage on Saturday- the things we do for our horses!

12 thoughts on “Results are In

    • I got a massage for Christmas that I just enjoyed (my second in 10 years), but still I feel like he’s the spoiled rotten one!

      I will say though- the massage was awesome.. you should give it a whirl! 😀

  1. Oh foamy lips…. how I want thee. I had just a little bit of the cherished lipstick before Christmas, and it’s all gone now. I don’t think Murray is out, he just isn’t quite to the point where he’s using himself correctly (too resistant/annoyed at me/happy to fight with me to do so), but damn I had it for a second and now it’s gone!! Maybe I should change my blog name to Chasing Lipstick.

  2. Britt, I’m writing a post about fitness and was wondering if I could use this comparison shot of Foster’s booty as an example of understanding your horses’s stronger and weaker side? I’d for sure link back. If it’s not ok just say the word. 🙂 Thanks!!

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