For your Wednesday enjoyment: a completely non-horse-related post.

I try to be a somewhat healthy eater. I try to avoid fried foods (except at the fair, where I’m headed tonight! *squee!*), and now that I am a grown up and do my own grocery shopping, I try to avoid sweets (it helps that the husband has no sweet tooth to speak of). My downfalls are things like Asian noodles, anything Cadbury’s, and when I get sad, ice cream.  I try to cook as much as possible, but this year have been struggling to make time for culinary exploration.

Whenever I do cook, though, I find my recipes on This woman is brilliant at making home-cooked meals just that bit lighter, without sacrificing taste. Meals that I come back to again and again include the turkey chili,

Also done on a stove top!

Also done on a stove top!

spinach and feta quiche,


Always a crowd pleaser

and chicken parmesan.

Husband favorite, and so easy!

Husband favorite, and so easy!

Anyways, the point of sharing all this with you is that I am so excited that there is finally a Skinnytaste cookbook, and it couldn’t be better! Can’t wait to cook up some tasty and not-so-sinful creations!


11 thoughts on “Skinnytaste

  1. Do you follow PB Fingers? I’d classify it as a “healthy lifestyle” blog – girl is seriously into living the fit life. Anyways, the reason I ask is because she JUST posted a recipe from that cookbook! I literally read it in the feed before reading yours! I guess I need to get this book!

  2. I love, love that website and use a bunch of the recipes . I also like that she recommends general subsituations so that even if it’s not exactly the recipe you can still make it a bit healthier.

  3. Yum! Personally I really enjoy the occasional non-horsey post. Although Foster is a beautiful dream boy, variety is the spice of life, right? Ha.
    Turkey was probably my favourite meat when I are meat, superrr hungry now!!

    • Haha, yes hard to not be hungry looking at tasty things! 🙂 And I know there will be no shortage of Foster posts, so it’s nice to break it up once in a while!

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