Getting desperate

For a lesson, that is. I feel like I’m at a point in Foster’s training where I’m chasing my tail. Instead of progressing forward, I’m routinely checking in and picking at tiny nuances that are appropriate for the level we’re at. Case in point- I’ve been meaning to work on lengthenings ALL YEAR. Have we? Nope!

Getting Foster ready for another lengthening-less ride

Getting Foster ready for another lengthening-less ride

So I’m ready for a lesson. Many lessons, in fact. Even if it’s temporary, I would like to start some kind of program where we are pushed to work on things outside our comfort zone. Like jumping combinations, and lengthenings. How the fritz am I supposed to move up to Training if we aren’t even practicing Training level things? Corners, coffins, triple combinations… I mean hello?! Wake up Britt and smell the sawdust- it ain’t happening at this rate.

Mane is show ready finally, with no show in sight

Mane is show ready finally, with no show in sight

In an effort to get on the right track, I have a dressage lesson scheduled for Saturday morning. It’s been since December when I last saw Eliza, and I am very curious to see what she thinks of where we are now. And I am a little ashamed of not progressing much in the last 6 months. I guess craptastic weather + traveling + new barn + weight loss + mystery swelling are excuses, but still…

Also, my horse is a dirty pig. Another good excuse for not lessoning?

Also, my horse is a dirty pig. Another good excuse for not lessoning?

But I did say *many* lessons. And since 1 lesson does not many lessons make, I am on the hunt for what to do. Since I am gone every weekend in August (that’s right, every. weekend.), trailering out to our regular lesson place is not an option. So, I may be looking to what’s available at my current barn. Lots of trainers come in for various boarders, and I’ve just got to choose who to ask. But herein lies a question- is a lesson a good thing no matter what, or does it really matter who the trainer is? When you are desperate for feedback, does it matter who the eyeballs belong to? What do you guys think? How do you decide?

9 thoughts on “Getting desperate

  1. I think that many trainers are worth a shot — I mean, how do you know if they’re really going to work well with you if don’t try first?

    • It’s interesting, there’s a lot of eventers at my barns but few eventing trainers- I may try the Hunter Jumper trainer though, next week, that one of the eventers use.. would be interesting!

    • So true. I’m a bad student though- I take lessons (typically) every few months, so every time I see a trainer they get a slightly different horse! 🙂

  2. I’m really picky about trainers. I personally do best with someone very frank who has a fantastic eye for detail, and I have to really believe that they know what they’re talking about. Are you able to kind of hang out and observe lessons from different trainers to see who piques your interest the most?

    • I’m picky too- I know I don’t like the real hard-a$$ kind that yell at you with no explanation, and I don’t like riding with someone who’s too soft and will never push you outside of your comfort zone. So I agree- will be trying to watch lessons if I can and figure out who is who!

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