Love the one you’re with

Viva Carlos has a great topic for their blog hop this week- loving the pony you have, whether you own them or just ride them. I’ve had many ponies over the years, and sometimes it’s unfair when I compare Foster to them, because in his own right, he’s got a lot going for him.



He’s super easy to handle (just last night I was clipping his legs, basically underneath him, and the BO thought he looked drugged, but he was just falling asleep!)

He self loads and unloads when traveling

He is adorably cuddly


This was my favorite moment from the shoot- Foster wanted to cuddle!

He’s adorably playful, and I have to watch that he doesn’t pick up stools, buckets, steps- you name it.

He’s got super fun lateral work

He knows his people (he picks me, and now my friend A, out of the crowd!)

He’s consistently tight over fences


He’s got a fun looking tail, and he keeps it mostly clean!

He doesn’t scare me over fences

He’s quite handsome 🙂


He’s got a good work ethic

Did I mention he’s adorable?

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