Handing over the reins

Next weekend I intend to take an exciting personal trip to Welly world, taking photos of gorgeous creatures and soaking in the sunshine. The only real downside to this is that we will miss the opportunity to get out and show again before the recognized competition I signed up for in early March.

So, after some thought and consulting the trainer, I decided to let someone else compete him. Since she happens to be a well schooled Prelim rider, she should be set up to give him a great experience in the arena and give him a bit more positive mileage since his long break.

I’ve never had anyone show a horse of mine before, and the idea that someone other than myself would be hauling my delicate flower around, tending to his needs, and even jumping him without my even being in the same state- well, that pricks my anxiety in no small way.

But the stress of letting my baby bird leave the nest will hopefully be worth it, ideally with Jack being just that little bit more relaxed at the big show next month.

Tell me- have you ever had someone fill in for you at a show, on your horse? How did it go???

9 thoughts on “Handing over the reins

  1. I have never had a pro in the irons at a show with my horse… or any other rider. But that will be changing this year, as I think my half leaser is going to take May to some schooling events. Fingers crossed!

  2. Amber has been ridden by a pro or two – not horrible experiences but not good ones either (this was years ago with western trainers). I’ve watched and experienced a lot of pros tho, and often dislike what I see, so I am extremely particular in who I will ever let get on my horse. That meme of Ken Jeong looking at that teeny piece of paper with the caption “list of people who I will let ride my horse” is very much me haha. That being said though, even with just the little video you posted, she looks like a good fit for Jack and I think it’ll work out fine 🙂

  3. I basically hand Frankie over to anyone that looks at him hahaha. I’ve had one of the barn kids take him in the Children’s Hunters/Eq/ some low-level jumpers, I’ve had my ammy friend take him in the local pleasure division, and I’ve had my trainer take him in the 1.20m jumpers to give him good miles at the height. I just try to be careful who gets to do what – no one but the pro will do 1.20m, but I might let a talented jr/ammy try the 1m with him. Of course these are all riders that I know well and trust, and I work with my trainer to figure out what’s an appropriate level for them. Thus far it’s been very good experiences in getting Frankie out there and helping people have a fun safe time at shows!

  4. I’m just filling out Scout’s entries to his first shows right now! It’s nerve wracking for sure, but I trust her and her relationship with him and he needs quality mileage and confidence to be a good mount for me. I let a lot of people ride him in general but only because he’s a good dude and most people can get on and play around without doing damage. I’d only let someone I really trusted take him around an event though. I do love playing owner, but I wish I could be there for Scout’s first couple of shows (**he might be entering a recognized one around you at the end of March on the way home). I’m excited for you to have him continuing his education and experience while you are gone and I have a feeling it’s going to be great for him!

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