Big [Horse-related] news

… I have decided to move Foster. It was a long-thought out, emotional decision, but one I had to make if I wanted any kind of life outside of work and horses. Since I started my new job, the commute to the barn has been much longer (50 minutes long), and has been taking a toll on me- mentally and physically.

The beautiful backdrop driveway for our current barn

The beautiful backdrop driveway for our current barn

Since I am also working later hours than I used to, it means I have been getting out to the barn close to 7 pm every night. Add in an hour and a half of ride time, basic grooming, and a 35 minute drive home and any kind of ‘down time’ doesn’t start until 9 pm. I know I should think of riding as down time, because it’s certainly not a chore, but let’s face it- everybody needs to veg out just a little bit. Not to mention my poor husband is already thinking about bed time at 9 pm, and frankly, so am I. All these reasons, plus the costs of gas meant the whole situation was less than ideal.

Another photo from our engagement shoot at the barn... oldest wood barn in NC!

Another photo from our engagement shoot at the barn… oldest wood barn in NC!

So I found a place that is closer to work – a whopping 15 minutes away, to be exact! Added bonus that it has an indoor arena, so I can ride even if it’s nasty outside. There are of course a couple compromises to be made, but I am hoping it will be a good fit for us.

Indoor arena at the new facility

Indoor arena at the new facility

I think the hardest thing about making this decision was the thought of leaving a wonderful group of fellow boarders that I have had for the past 3 years. These ladies are fun, fun, fun, and a nice down-to-earth type that I know I can rely on in a pinch. Luckily, they have all been super supportive of my decision and I desperately hope we all stay in touch after the move. It will be sad not to see their faces around the barn, but I hope I can make more barn friends at the new facility.

Fingers crossed that our big move [tomorrow] goes well!

10 thoughts on “Big [Horse-related] news

  1. I feel you about the commute. I’m on a similar schedule and getting home every night between 830-9 is rough. One of the reasons I budget training rides in so I can have more of a break! Sure you will love your new place.

  2. Oh that’s a real bummer ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m actually going to have to consider similar things about whether to move wiz or not to my trainer’s barn. There’s always pros and cons! The cons to my trainer’s barn is it’s more out of the way (but 30 minutes vs. 50- 50 is super far!) and more expensive but the cons to the current barn is no covered, can’t keep your trailer there, very hard to get trailers in and out, no covered, and she won’t let you use your own vet or farrier and I’m not a huge fan of either. (ok, so that’s a lot of cons). But the drive/money really does have me worried at the trainer’s. SIGH, why are these kinds of decisions so hard!!?

    Moral of the story: sorry you had to make a hard decision, although I do hope it works out well for you in the end!

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