Post-Move, Pre-Show

The move went relatively smoothly, and Foster has spent the last few days settling in with a couple attempted rides in there for good measure. Monday I decided we would actually even work a little, and he felt a bit rusty with his lateral work and I felt rusty all over- but it was a new arena and he hadn’t really done anything in over 2 weeks, so I’m not to upset about it.

Foster checks out the new place

Foster checks out the new place

Meanwhile, the fact that I am sore (even two days after my ride) makes me feel like a ball of flubber – I have seriously got to get my own fitness under control! No way am I going to have a lovely, tight position over fences when I feel like this…


Tonight we will be riding through our dressage test (hopefully), which is the test I accidentally memorized for the last show! Novice A is nice and flowy, with only a couple trixy moments where you start a circle at E, canter, then start a new circle at B (never finishing your E circle). Let’s hope we don’ts forget this.

Foster has never shown well in his 2 previous visits to MacNair’s, where we will be competing this weekend, but hopefully 3rd times a charm! Assuming I can get a little jump school in, we will be just about as prepared as we were for Running Start- which is to say we won’t be very prepared. So we will just see how things go! If I go off course or forget my damn test, I will be upset though.

Our last time at MacNair's

Our last time at MacNair’s

So anyways, that’s about it here on the horse front. The weather is supposed to turn a little scary tonight- winds of up to 25 mph, so here’s hoping I don’t die inside the indoor arena! Woo!


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