The new camera

As I mentioned last week, I finally bought a new camera. My old camera was a Nikon D40, and my first DSLR. It took me through my concentration in Photography at the School of Design and has traveled with me all over the world in the 3 years since, amassing over 25,000 shutter clicks in the process.

Camera with a passport: Capri, Italy in 2008 and Loch Ness, Scotland 2013

Camera with a passport:
Capri, Italy in 2008 and Loch Ness, Scotland 2013

Now, I feel like I’ve taken the most beautimous photos ever some pretty great shots with this camera. All of my portfolio photos came from this camera, and everything I’ve taken at work. It is still functioning perfectly. However, there are a couple features I was starting to miss. One was that the D40 can take up to 3 frames per second. In horsey terms, that means if you hand your camera over to someone and ask them to shoot you jumping you might get a take-off, mid-air, and landing shot. If their timing is good. Likewise, when I was at Rolex, there were a couple really epic moments where I would have loved to get 6 shots off as fast as possible, but my D40 just couldn’t keep up. 3 frames per second just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The other thing I was missing was a video mode. Now, I used to not need this, what with iPhones being so handy and what not, and I used to own a Flip (which I think was destroyed by good ol’ North Carolina humidity). But again, especially in the horsey world, there are times when having a nice HD quality video is really helpful.

My Flip’s Last Video

So I’ve been perusing for a new camera, one that can take at least 6 frames per second, with video mode, that won’t break the bank. Enter the Nikon D7000! It may have taken me several ebay attempts to get one, but it’s minnne!

Oh happy day!

Oh happy day!

I am hoping to take it out to the barn or practice with some action shots of Drake to see what I can do… but I’m so excited! Definitely expect more photos soon!

An Ode to Outlander

Oh Outlander, how I adore thee!

Oh Outlander, how I adore thee!

If you know me, then you are probably aware that I have spent a good portion of my life reading (and re-reading) Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I am so obsessed with into these books that we visited key book locations on our recent honeymoon  and I occasionally strike up conversations about it with random strangers (most recently on a blanket cleaning trip at the laundromat).


Visiting the -very real- Clan stone of fictional protagonist Jamie Fraser on Culloden Moor, Scotland

Outlander is the first book in a 7 (soon to be 8) book series that follows the adventures of one Claire Beauchamp as she mistakenly steps through a Scottish stone circle in the 1940’s and ends up in the 1740’s. Now, before I lose you, I’ll tell you, while this makes the book sound like a dungeons and dragons nerd fest, that’s not the case. The book is written from Claire’s pragmatic, humorous, and decidedly-English point of view and is an obviously well-researched historical work. No dragons, faeries, or magical unicorns here.

I first discovered the book in high school, as I was annoyed that most books seemed to be over before they began. When I saw these nice fat (Outlander is 800 pages, the rest are 850 – 1000+) paperbacks, I felt I might be satisfied there. What is nice about such a long book is that the characters are so thoroughly explored that you can really appreciate how the events of the plot effect them, rather than taking the character at face value.

I won’t spoil the book for any that might be interested in reading it (go on, read it, you know you want to!) but the book is a wonderful historical fiction with a romance like no other. Even my grandmother is a huge fan 🙂

My Outlander novel. Had to switch to a Kindle after read #3!

My Outlander novel. Had to switch to a Kindle after read #3!

So, as I re-read the series for the fitfth time in preparation for book 8 (Out in March!) I encourage you guys to pick it up and have a go! And let me know what you think!

Carolina Beach trip

We’ve just returned from our long weekend at Carolina Beach, and thoroughly enjoyed almost perfect weather, great conversations, and fantastic seafood.

Tyler and I headed down Friday afternoon to Casa Spiaggia, a cute little condo a block away from the beach. We made quick work of dropping off our stuff before enjoying an afternoon of sun. Another couple joined us later in the evening and we proceeded to get carried away with talking and partaking in adult beverages that reminded us the next morning that we aren’t exactly college kids anymore!

We did our best to enjoy the sun and the sand for as long as possible, even going for a long walk yesterday before hitting the road home. All in all it was lovely to get to relax and get to know friends better, and Tyler and I agree that maybe next year we should look into spending a week there instead!

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