Carolina Beach trip

We’ve just returned from our long weekend at Carolina Beach, and thoroughly enjoyed almost perfect weather, great conversations, and fantastic seafood.

Tyler and I headed down Friday afternoon to Casa Spiaggia, a cute little condo a block away from the beach. We made quick work of dropping off our stuff before enjoying an afternoon of sun. Another couple joined us later in the evening and we proceeded to get carried away with talking and partaking in adult beverages that reminded us the next morning that we aren’t exactly college kids anymore!

We did our best to enjoy the sun and the sand for as long as possible, even going for a long walk yesterday before hitting the road home. All in all it was lovely to get to relax and get to know friends better, and Tyler and I agree that maybe next year we should look into spending a week there instead!

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3 thoughts on “Carolina Beach trip

    • Oh neat! Must have been nice growing up at the beach! We had been to Wrightsville Beach before and were pleasantly surprised with the slightly older crowd at Carolina Beach. Will definitely return in the future 🙂

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