Let’s Discuss: Boredom Busters

Foster is now 1.5 weeks into his 8 weeks of stall rest, and while he seems to be handling it fairly well, my own guilt about keeping him so cooped up has only intensified.

For a horse, Foster is pretty vocal in general. Before the surgery it was commonplace to hear him nicker when I got out of my car, and give me a “come back” call when I’d leave his stall to go get tack or grooming supplies. Adorable, yes. But now his calls have tend to have a slightly frantic note to them on occasion, and it just tears my heart out. He’s also extended his vocals to other people- horse loves attention, and I hate that I can’t do more with him than a strict 15 minutes of hand grazing each day.

Meanwhile, my bandages (this is #3) are getting better and better

Meanwhile, my bandages (this is #3) are getting better and better

Last night I added a Likit to his stall, and he was immediately drawn to it. When he started grabbing the holder though, and yanking repeatedly on it, I wondered just how long the toy would last. I’ll be surprised if it’s still hanging, and especially if there is any treat left, this evening.


Because of Foster’s oral fixations (leading up and including to the fact that certain horses can’t be put in the cross ties out of his stall because he yanks on them- whoops), I have wondered if this might be the rare type of horse to actually play with a jolly ball, but I just don’t know.

So I’m reaching out to you guys- have you had any experience with “boredom busters”? Which kind actually seem to work? Which are just a plain waste of money? Are there any other ways to help out a creature confined to his stall for the next month and a half?