Soreness and a Surprise

Unfortunately, Foster was just as bad yesterday- in fact, I didn’t even get on. I decided to lunge and see what I was dealing with, and the answer to that question was a very stiff, sore pony whose lower back and pelvis was obviously hurting. Poor guy’s back was simply not moving, and he held his tail way down and against his body, even at the walk. [insert angry face here] I am hoping a few days off and some arnica gel, and hopefully a borrowed Back On Track blanket will allow everything to settle into place.

photo (15)

In other news, I received a ribbon in the mail the other day, completely unexpected. Apparently our few ribbons this season counted towards a series, and my points earned me 7th place. Since it’s been some years¬†since I last received a big ribbon, I’ll take it. Thank you ribbon fairies of the NCDCTA Timex Series!