Anniversary Weekend

Warning: Gushy stuff ahead. Reader beware.

I would be remiss in having this blog if I never gave credit to my wonderful husband for all the dedication and support he gives, every day, to building a life with me in our house on a hill.


Today marks 5 years of us being together, and I am thankful every day for having such a wonderful partner by my side. I realize that I am probably not the easiest person to be with, and my over enthusiasm for tackling new projects and filling every minute with activity would exhaust most men and send them running to the hills. But not Tyler, he has embraced the crazy with open arms, and put up with countless hours of talking horses, riding horses, and competing horses with super human patience and understanding.

My videographer, photographer, hay net tie-er, horse handy husband!

My videographer, photographer, hay net tie-er, horse handy husband!

Tyler and I met in the most unexpected place- on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. It just so happened that he was attending law school in Buies Creek, NC at the time – 30 minutes from NC State. We had a blast getting to know each other in the Bahamas, and started dating when we got back to North Carolina. Meant to be? I think so!

Hanging out at Atlantis on that fateful cruise!

Hanging out at Atlantis on that fateful cruise!

Anyways, that was 5 years ago today that we started dating. And this Sunday will mark 1 yr of being married! It’s amazing to me that even after being together so long, we still make each other laugh on a daily basis, and each and every day feels like a fresh adventure. Even though we have definitely rubbed off on each other (for example, I now pay attention to whether or not my socks are inside out, and he quotes random Disney lines for laughs), we are still capable of surprising each other.

I am so excited to celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend, and reminisce about that beautiful evening when we danced the night away with family and friends! Here’s to more adventures with my love! You’re the best, honey!


Resolution Check-In

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Since we’re about to end the first quarter of 2014, it seems a good time to see how we’re doing (or not doing) on our resolutions for the year. Let’s take a look 🙂

The Horse

Resolution 1: Move up to Novice with final score below 35 (or >67% in dressage)
We have gotten so close to this… or rather, the dressage score. Our score at the only Horse Trials this year is not worth noting, since I goofed so badly at the end of the XC course. If I hadn’t, we would have finished on that 35. At the Combined Training a couple weeks ago, we got a 66% in dressage… So this one is definitely doable, but not accomplished yet!

Resolution 2: Nail canter transitions
Well, this one we haven’t worked on pretty much at all. I’ve been babying him because of his fitness/condition and so avoided anything tough, like making him use his hind end to transition rather than his neck. With that said, he has actually gotten 7’s on them at the two shows this year! Sure surprised me!

Resolution 3: Not be embarrassed by lack of trot lengthenings
Nope, haven’t even touched this. Soon, hopefully!

I should have added 'not do shit braids' to my resolution list...

I should have added ‘not do shit braids’ to my resolution list…

The House

Resolution 1: Landscape front and backyard
We’ve made lots of progress in the backyard, taking out the big mamajama pine tree and lots and lots of scruffy small stuff. Now what we’re looking at is 6″+ of leaf mold/debris in most areas, that will have to be hauled away before we can seed. We’re trying to get this done soon before the summer hits and nothing grows, else we’ll be waiting till fall!

Resolution 2: Kitchen Transformation
Oh, this one I am *so* excited about! Right now we are collecting quotes for all the different projects, and hopefully we will have either wood floors or granite countertops by the summer! Squee!!

Resolution 3: Replace grody couch
Done!! The cats kind of pushed this one along, as *somebody* (cough, Elliot), decided to let us know he had a UTI by peeing on the couch, thus grodying said grody couch to the point that we didn’t want to even sit on it. We have now replaced it with a pretty new leather couch! Yay!

Hardwoods in the kitchen? Yes please!

Hardwoods in the kitchen? Yes please!


The Rest

Resolution 1: Take calcium supplements
So far so good! I found these caramel flavored ones that are like a little treat for me! Easy peezy!

Resolution 2: Not be a Red Bull zombie
Hahahahaha. Nope!

Resolution 3: Be more positive
Making some progress! Headed in the right direction, at the very least 🙂

A surprise outing for the husband's birthday, in which I proved I cannot bowl worth a crap, but did not embarrass myself otherwise!

A surprise outing for the husband’s birthday, in which I proved I cannot bowl worth a crap, but did not embarrass myself otherwise!