Fair Hill Young Event Horse Championships: Dressage

Part of my reason for coming to Fair Hill is the watch the CCI*** event, but the other big (if not bigger) reason is to support my friend JΒ in her goal of competing her young horse in the YEH Championships. Cooley Mullingar, aka Ollie, is a 5 yr old Irish Sport Horse gelding with the squishiest moose nose, giant ears, and a cuddly goofy disposition. It’s J’s plan to bring him up to take him up through the 2 star level, while the rest of her friends shake our heads in awe and praise her balls of steel.

J had a great test, and handled the atmosphere with more aplomb than my 9 yr old will ever have. The 5 year olds complete a dressage test reminiscent of First-2 in pure dressage, and then get their tack removed for a comformation and jog assessment. Dressage counts towards 35% of their overall score, and conformation 15%. The jumping phase, a combined showjumping and cross country course, makes up the other 50% of the score.

Luckily for J, Ollie is a cross country machine, and I am so looking forward to watching them ride around a very exciting course tomorrow afternoon!