A Blog in Decline?

It’s been obviously quiet around here recently, and for good reason.

My days for the last month have been overwhelmed with work- and while that in and of itself is not newsworthy, it’s recently reached a fervor that keeps any little blog ideas from spawning in my mind. I honestly didn’t realize how much my subconscious focused on the blog throughout the day until even the remote recesses of my brain got geared towards the day to day responsibilities of running a creative team.

This is your brain on stress and horses.

Secondly, there’s just not so much going on in the world of Jack. He’s bored, I’m bored, we’re bored. His second injection is today, but we’re basically operating on a no-news-is-good-news sort of mentality. It doesn’t make for the most riveting blog content.

Same, Blue, same.

And last but not least is that one awful truth for every animal owner- vet bills are expensive, yo. So I’m using every little bit of downtime I have after work to hustle. I’m doing some continuing education for my photography, have completed 2(3) model calls, and am trying to work the grind as much as possible to claw myself out from underneath those ever increasing credit card bills.

This is definitely not all to say that I’m taking a hiatus, or stopping the blog by any means. Simply put, I think I’ve got to trickle back the blog expectations over the next month to once a week. I’m bummed to say that, since the blog really is a source of joy for me, in my conversations with readers. But I’ll be back after I get back in the saddle and hope you all will be around when that happens.