Adventures in Horse Shopping: Mystery Horse

I did something crazy.

Something possibly really crazy.

Like, signed up for the show Married at First Sight crazy.


I bought a horse.


I bought a horse in Florida, without having gone to Florida.


How did this happen, you might ask?


Well, I saw something with potential, and then I hired professionals to do my due diligence, and then, rather than wait and potentially lose the opportunity, I pulled the trigger.


I found him on facebook- a 4 year old, 16.1 1/2 hand RPSI gelding. He’s not the flashiest horse, but with Stakkato and Calypso in his bloodlines, I clicked on the video link for this supposed hunter prospect.Smitten5

And honestly, I was floored. This horse could move- he has a great canter, suspension in his trot, and above all, he just looked so quiet. Seeing that he was a good deal to boot, I quickly sought suggestions on who I could have go see him for me. That person was 4* event rider Ashley Johnson. With her eventing resume and no-bullshit attitude, I knew she would tell me exactly what the 411 was on the horse. I sent her a novel of an email with the horse’s description, my own history, and what I was looking for in a horse, and begged her to be as critical as possible. She went to see him two days later.


And she liked him- a lot. After viewing the videos, I did too. After some quick discussions with the A team, I called the owner and told her I wanted him.


The pre-purchase was yesterday, and the vet, a Grand Prix level dressage rider herself, also really liked him, noting that he could easily do straight dressage and she personally loved his canter.


But I happen to love this attitude of loping across “cross country” fences

So the money exchanged hands, and I’ve booked a shipper to pick him up on Sunday. He arrives Monday afternoon in North Carolina.

I can’t believe I’m saying this- but I can’t wait to meet my new horse!


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