Human Vacation and Impending Christmas

You know what’s ironic? Buying a horse sight unseen in Florida, and then going to Florida.

Even more so? Having the friend you are vacationing with in Florida being literally down the road from the horse you just bought.

And the cherry on top? Neither one of us has the time or transportation to see him.


Our last trip to Florida (and the Caribbean) together, in which it was unseasonably cold and I met the guy who became my husband.

So, despite my being just an hour away from the new pony for a couple days this weekend, I won’t get to meet him until Tuesday afternoon. A super friend will meet the shipper at the time of drop-off in NC, and has promised to check him over, give him a mash, and hand walk him for me. Oh yeah- and also send me pictures and videos of the pone so I can see what he looks like on NC soil.


Same trip- making time for horses by visiting HITS

Between this and the cross country stage of the Olympic eventing trials, Monday is going to be a little distracted.

Hoping you guys all have a wonderful weekend, and check back Tuesday for new pony media!

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