Road to the AECs: Last Preparations

How are we here, in the final days at home? All of the sudden it’s go time for all the last-minute prep stuff that I’ve been waiting to do!

Today I hang up Jack’s inhaler, since albuterol isn’t legal for competition, and start him on a low dose of dex to help keep inflammation down in his lungs. He’s also getting Horse Quencher today so he can acclimate to the idea and hopefully like it enough that he’ll drink on the long haul Monday.

all the things to pack.. and I got distracted before I even finished my list.

He also got new kicks yesterday, so he’s not wearing old shoes at the show. I’ve got the old shoes labeled and ready to be packed as his back-up pair just in case.

Tonight I’m heading out to pack, which includes playing a game of Tetris inside my trailer:

Gotta figure out how to hold all the things

I’m also going to test out a tip that a Pro-groom shared for Jack’s tail – spraying white touch up spray into it and lightly brushing it. I want to see just how messy it might be so I can plan for Thursday… because…

I got my ride times!

A 9:24am dressage time means that I need to get up super early to feed, then pre-ride, then braid, spray his tail, get changed, and warm up. I’m avoiding thinking about how early that means I’ll need to wake up, but it’s sure to still be dark outside.

In addition to this, we’re also doing our own version of a test event at the Carolina Horse Park this weekend. Saturday I intend to do a ride-a-test type school with my trainer, followed by a schooling round in the showjump ring. We’ll then ride as a non-compete pair on Sunday doing the CT with the Novice B test so I can get scores and feedback to make a gameplan for KY. Oh, and I had to specifically ask not to ride in front of a certain judge so I could get actually useful feedback.

An example of NOT helpful feedback

Then Monday, the vet comes to do an IV injection (Legend) and his health certificate… and off we go!





14 thoughts on “Road to the AECs: Last Preparations

  1. Hahha I use that spray all over May… Tail… legs… whatever. Just make sure they arent swatting at flies when it’s wet!

    Lmk what stall you are in and I will try to swing by at some point. (If I don’t see you in the Dressage Court 😉 )

  2. Early ride time means early-done-for-the-day time! Start drinking early!
    Also, I am curious as to why you need 4 dressage pads, but only 1 XC and SJ pad?

  3. Ah yes, I’m familiar with Shapely’s. It works wonders and I’ve definitely used it in tails before. Just hold it far enough away from the tail that it gives a nice wide spray pattern…too close and it’ll be really concentrated in areas and hard to get good even coverage!

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