So, I won’t lie, I am both humbled (and somewhat embarrassed- more on that later) by the number of responses to my post yesterday.

Blogging is a funny thing. I started blogging not caring who read, but just to have the record of my journey with Foster and all the ups and downs of working with horses. Then occasionally people would discover my corner of the interwebs, and the interactions gained inertia, and before I knew it I was meeting my online connections in person (I believe Emily and were the firsts) and connecting with such interesting people that I would have never met without House on a Hill.

Thinking back to when Foster was the world this blog revolved around

I think shortly thereafter, I started doing my ridiculous discussion posts (aka me asking dumb questions about occasionally polarizing – or not– topics in the equestrian world) and started seeing the amazing ways the blogging community supports each other. I know it sounds so dumb, but so many of my blogger friends I count as real friends, because you guys have listened to my occasionally whiny, silly, stupid horsey rants outside of this blog, and I hope I was able to do the same for some of you as well. Sometimes this was ranting to Niamh about photography, or complaining to Amanda about the frustration of finding quality horses.

That time my #horsehunting got featured in an online mag

In any case, I fell off the face of the blogging planet when my 9-5 job escalated to another level by the umpteenth exponential. Around that time I also got a new computer, and completely fell into a void that I had tried to avoid months before. So not only did I drop off in terms of blogging myself, but also I was without my handy-dandy list of favorites (how I organized my blog list before)- so I also dropped off in the world of commenting.

My blogging SOS was what was needed to remind me of how much I do love being part of this community, and I am embarrassed for bowing to the level of what seems like a call-for-attention in order to determine my own self worth as a blogger. But, since that is indeed what’s invigored me, I thank all of you who commented. I’ve since followed the advice that was given to me months ago and regained many of my favorite blogs to follow via feedly. I’m sorry I didn’t do this when it was first suggested- maybe I wouldn’t have gone MIA so quickly.

In any case, I can’t tell y’all how much I appreciate it. I have lots to update you on, and I’ll be starting with my ‘About’ pages, since, for better and for worse, things have changed. Thank you guys for being part of the journey, and I hope to be a more active participant in yours going forward.

So this is my sorry, my apology, and my thank you. I have lots to tell you guys. And I’m feeling re-energized to do so. Look for a better-blogging-Britt in your near future.

24 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. We’ve all been there! I’ve dropped down in the number of times I blog per week due to real life interruptions — it’s just a fact that there are not nearly enough hours in the day!!

    • I am starting to get in the swing of my new role (going from manager of none to 6= mind blowing) so I’m hoping to figure out a more regular cadence… And I’ve definitely missed the benefits of not capturing my lessons and learnings, so it will be a win-win to figure out a new schedule again!

    • You’re always so sweet! I need to get better about it all for sure. And I’ll be back reading everyone’s stories now that I have Feedly!

  2. I’ll be happy to see you back to blogging more! I love following on insta, and I know that’s much faster and more convenient for people, but I still love reading all the nitty gritty, too!

    • I’ve definitely been following your adventures on FB and social media a lot too, but I’m pumped to be getting back in the blogging game. And I’m still in shock/jealous at how freaking amazing your horse show photographer was.

  3. I’ve always been really bad about blogging but lately my phone (which is the usually way I read posts) has been a bit of a jackass and won’t let me comment!!! I think I have part of that resolved but not everything. Grrr!!! But glad that you are still going to be blogging bc I’ve missed your posts!!!!

    • I have phone commenting struggles too- I need to figure out the best way! Now that I have feedly, I need to figure out the commenting aspect of things… *hmmmmm*

  4. I’m in a similar boat. Work got busy and in the way of blogging, riding didn’t seem really noteworthy, and IG is much quicker. But I miss the interactions and community. Work has settled down and I’m getting caught up on reading all my favs and trying to comment more again. Next step is start writing again….Glad you’re still blogging and sharing your adventures with us!

    • For so long, the riding wasn’t noteworthy because we were getting back in the swing of things. I feel like I *finally* have things worth blogging about, and the time to actual write about them- huzzah!

      PS hope we get to hear more about you and Cosmo soon!

  5. Awww…I read your post yesterday, and I wanted to comment but was swamped with work. I am glad so many others responded with a resounding “YES! we read and love your blog!” comments. So, here’s my belated comment…
    Thank you for writing House on the Hill (where I discovered Britt the Brit) and you were so helpful when I moved to your city. Keep on blogging about Team Barbie Dream Horse and Fosterpants, please! And all the other things too. I cannot wait to read more, and cheer you on somewhat silently from the blog comments section.

    • You are too sweet! I do love so much when I get to meet blog people in real life, and you and your hubby definitely are on that list!! Let me know if you ever want to catch a drink and tell me all about the latest sports you guys are up to (is curling still a thing?)!

      • Yes to a drink! We are having some friends over for a game night on Saturday if you and your hubs want to join in! The new sport is…I will tell you when I see you. Ha ha!

  6. I hope you don’t mind me being honest. I decided to check in because you left a comment on my blog – look I get it, it can be hard to keep up with other people’s blogs especially when life is busy – I know, I’ve been there, I continue to be there. But I personally as a blogger have decided to invest in those who invest in me, so when you disappeared I tried to keep up but after a while decided that my comments might be appreciated on other blogs.

    Because relationships are always two ways, and relationships are what we make them, and we get what we put in, it’s the same with blogging, it can be anything we want it to be and we get what we put in. We get what we put into the community too. I’ve always enjoyed your conversation, your blog, your insight, and if more interaction and community is what you are looking for and interested in I am willing to open the door and support that.

    • Totally valid, and honesty appreciated. I realized belatedly that my post yesterday sounded like a cry for attention, and truly, I actually expected it to end in silence and put the final nail in the coffin of my bloggerdom. But seeing the comments, I feel foolish for having taken any of that for granted- both the positive and the negative. I hope to redeem myself and become an active participant in all arenas of the online equestrian community once more!

    • Still here, re-energized and ready to share in the journey again! AND the comeback will relate to you so much more, what with a still-kickin’ retiree and a newbie to contend with… this is a whole new world for me 🙂

  7. Honestly, I didn’t take it as a call to attention. In a way, with what L mentioned, it’s good to keep with things that are good and that matter in your life. If the blog was getting difficult for you, something that was burning you out, then I think it is good to evaluate if you were going to continue this or not. And sometimes…we’re just down. We’re having a hard time. We’re not doing it to get attention, but because we seriously need the support of others. We can get so overwhelmed that it’s difficult to see that we do have a support group that’s just waiting to give us a hand. Another reason I love this blogging community 🙂
    I know I would love to read any “about” pages you publish, and lessons or even small things. I know I don’t comment most of the time and mostly see your stuff on Insta, but I still do enjoy reading your adventures with the yellow Beastie 🙂

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