Playing with Fire: 2019 HOPEFUL Schedule

Just in case you didn’t see my disclaimer already, I’m posting it again. Because one cannot knock on wood too many times, yes? (Unless you’re OCD like me, then the answer is probably definitely yes)

Disclaimer: Dear Lord, if you happen to read this blog, or see into my thoughts, or what have you, please know that these are hopes and I’m not overly ambitious. Or I’m hoping not. I will work hard towards all the ideas that are to follow, and should you deem that my more lofty goals be too much, I only ask you please spare my horse’s soundness. Please keep him safe on the roads that he travels with me. And I apologize for the over-indulgence in wine for the last several years. Amen.

So, assuming that all the riding/training goals of yesterday’s post get accomplished, here is my wish list of events to attend this year. Written in the digital version of the most erasable pencil ever.

Jan 12 – Pipe Opener CTBN
We’re signed up for this already, and we’re hopefully just going to pop around at BN and get our sea legs back!

Feb 3 – Sporting Days Recognized HTBN
Depends on how he’s going, if it’s financially feasible, and a lot of other poop. It’s in Aiken, which is an almost 5 hour haul. And I hate driving that much.

Feb 16 – Pipe Opener CT IINovice
If all goes to plan (again, see disclaimer) I would love to get back to Novice level at this show

March 9 – Southern Pines Recognized HTNovice
Eeeek this is where I scare myself.

April 20 – Longleaf Recognized HTNovice

May 11 – May War Horse Schooling HTNovice
Includes the possibility of just schooling XC in case I decide to do option B


May 25 – Paradise Farm Recognized HTNovice
Because I’ve heard such good things about this place, I’d love to fit it in!

June 15 –War Horse Schooling HTNovice


June 22 – Stable View Recognized HTNovice
Another gorgeous facility in Aiken. This one will depend on how we are doing competitively because….

OK now I’m terrified. But I said it. Wrote it. Typed it. Whatever. I’d be fulfilling a life dream if I can make this happen. And it’s at the Kentucky Horse Park!

The sloth hath spoken.

16 thoughts on “Playing with Fire: 2019 HOPEFUL Schedule

  1. I’ll trade locations with you so I can be only 5 hours from Aiken? LOL. I have to drive that long just to get to fucking Louisiana or Oklahoma.

    I thought about AEC since we’re already qualified, but since they have it in the DEAD OF FUCKING SUMMER that seems like a relatively awful idea for my horse. :/ I wish they’d move it back to where it used to be, even if I understand why they moved it in the first place.

    This looks like a totally doable schedule though, and fun! I hope the horse gods are in your favor, that would be a great year.

    • Gah- yes, I’m definitely spoiled by our location, but my trailer is not great for long distances as it’s essentially a box on wheels. So I’m also considering that.

      And remind me- why did they move the AECs up?

      • Lots of organizers were complaining about it interfering with their dates and taking away from their entries. At the end of August there are very few shows to interfere with!

  2. I used to be afraid of posting big goals too but hey, sometimes you really do have to say something scary out loud and TRY, because you never know what might happen. You’ve got an exciting year planned and it looks like it’s gonna be awesome!

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