2019 Goals

Disclaimer: Dear Lord, if you happen to read this blog, or see into my thoughts, or what have you, please know that these are hopes and I’m not overly ambitious. Or I’m hoping not. I will work hard towards all the ideas that are to follow, and should you deem that my more lofty goals be too much, I only ask you please spare my horse’s soundness. Please keep him safe on the roads that he travels with me. And I apologize for the over-indulgence in wine for the last several years. Amen.

OK, now that I’ve done as much as I know how, in terms of not jinxing myself…. Here is what I hope to accomplish in 2019. Always, always, with a caveat though.


  • Get out walk-canter departs down easy-peasy
  • Start incorporating counter-canter into our rides
  • Show at first level at a show
  • Get a sub-30 score at an event

Gonna rock out centerline like…

Cross Country:

  • Get quicker about making adjustments
  • Make ditches boring
  • Get back up to Novice, maybe school an occasional Training level fence


  • Go double clear in a show (for Heaven’s sake? Please!)
  • Get my leg strong again
  • Don’t lean at the fences/ be better with my position

Pretty much every round we’ve ever had

You ready 2019? Let’s do this.



2 thoughts on “2019 Goals

  1. That last gif is basically how I feel about SJ. and I think it gets WORSE the farther into the course I go. By jump 8, I am like OMG I HAVEN’T MADE A MAJOR MISTAKE YET. IT MUST BE TIME TO FALL OFF.

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