Brand Ambassadorship

So one of the things about traveling and having great friends to watch your pony is getting little updates along the way, including snoot pics, shoe pics, and just general texts saying that he’s been a good boy. Yay.

Meanwhile, I was off to the Adobe conference for creatives, learning about running creative teams, making animated unicorns and the like. And then off to Chicago, where I got to photograph…


This is one of my childhood besties, and her sweet guy called me to see if during our couples shoot (that was already planned for fun) if I wouldn’t mind shooting the moment he popped the question. Let’s all say it together,


The other exciting news of late is my partnering with Riding Warehouse. I learned of this stellar company through AmandaΒ a couple years ago and haven’t gone back to SmartPak since. So when they announced that they were looking for Adult Ammy brand ambassadors,Β of course I had to throw my hat in the ring. And bam!

Just like that. Mmmmm Yorkshire pud.Β 

Pretty freaking stoked about that. And yes, I have the most random fun fact of all the ambassadors. #proud? Can’t say enough about how great the communication has been with them, and I hope to help convert other horse peeps for them in return. (Free shipping over $50 and Free returns for a year- uh sold!)

If you need to buy any goodies, be sure to get 10% off using the code RWA10 !

Jack update coming soon!!!!



9 thoughts on “Brand Ambassadorship

  1. RW is one of my top 3 favorite companies BY FAR. I was tempted to throw my hat in the ring for an official ambassadorship, but the situation just wasn’t quite right for me. Congrats on getting picked, I hope you enjoy all the perks and have fun being part of the RW team! Those ladies are awesome.

  2. Congrats to you!! Amanda also turned me onto the evils (I mean, good things) of spending my money at RW. I just fired off a not happy email to Smartpak just today (they have been yanking my chain on a haynet i ordered two weeks ago that was supposed to be shipped with my smarkpaks, it was not!) and them to cancel that order that I was going to RW instead. I still get smartpaks so far…but grhhh i hate bad customer service. RW is always professional and competitive! So yay for you and Jack πŸ™‚ LOL You are a dual citizen?? How funny is that. πŸ™‚ How did that happen?
    and yay on a Jack update. I sit here waiting πŸ˜‰

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