Warnderlust Woes

I have been traveling a lot recently. Like, it seems that every other week I am out of town on some adventure.

This would be even better in equestrian garb.

Which is great- obviously. Except for the germs. Man, airplanes are nasty.

Yeah, that’s basically your fold-down table right there.

The other unfortunate downside to travel (besides picking up some stranger’s cold- #notcool) is that it of course takes me away from a certain blonde pony.

Not this one, though mine may be just as spazzy.

In terms of his rehab schedule, we should have been jumping again by now. Time away and weather are cramping our style, though, and it looks like now it will be another 2 weeks before we approach elevated poles again.

Otherwise, he’s been feeling fairly good- we are fully walk/trot/canter and trying to fine tune those gaits and transitions like we are actually working towards something (versus just mosying around). All the lateral work at the walk has really improved since starting him back, and his canter transitions are becoming on point. Maybe a little too on point even, because it takes just a scoop of my seat to get the aid, and occasionally that means cantering when we didn’t mean to. So maybe less on point than I thought.

I’m lucky to have great friends to ride him while I’m away that are willing to deal with his spookiness and work him through any tension without melting down themselves. Which I fully appreciate, since I head out of of town again on Sunday.

Here’s hoping when I return we’ll have colored sticks in the very near future!

3 thoughts on “Warnderlust Woes

  1. I may (DON’t JUDGE) have watched both the motorized suitcase and the gif with the palomino several times. OMG DYING.

    Safe travels and ewww i hate colds caused by traveling. I am glad you have someone to ride your Barbie Dream Pony while you are gone and looking forward to seeing you over colored sticks in the future!!

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