Media Mania

Wednesday night I had the most amazing jump school with Mr. Fosterpants. J came out to be that voice in my head again and was able to take a bit of video. We focused on putting together some related distances, including a 3 stride line and a 4 stride bending line before putting it all together in a Training sized mini course. I shortened my stirrups another hole and really started feeling my mojo come back the more successful spots we had.

Bending 4 stride line 3’3″

Honestly, this schooling was exactly what I needed before going into the clinic next week. While not 100% perfect, if I ride like that I don’t think I’ll feel like a total fool in front of the likes of Will Faudree and friends. This was even an improvement over the jumping we did last weekend, which I also happen to have a ton of videos of!

Last weekend, using 9′ ground poles


Gymnastic 1 stride-bounce-1 stride


Jumping a skinny


Single Oxer in which I pump then he dies


I have even more videos, but at the risk of either boring everyone to death or taking up all the bandwidth, I’ll keep them over here. As a visual person, all of these though have been excellent tools in seeing what is going on and developing the feel for the right canter and position.

This weekend we’re going to do one more jump school, which ideally will cement all this positive juju in place, followed by a dressage lesson Sunday where I am hoping we will pick apart these lackluster lengthenings. Hoping you all have a great weekend filled with happy rides!

19 thoughts on “Media Mania

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  2. Love all the videos! you guys look fantastic. I wish I had someone to come take videos (or even pictures!) of me. It definitely helps when I finally see what I look like and know what to work on.

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