A little more good news

This week’s MRI was a wealth of information and, albeit rather expensively obtained, it was well worth the 4-hour-each-way trek to learn more about what’s going on in that left fore.

It turns out that the collateral ligament isn’t actually of prime focus. The main observations, as described to me in laymen’s terms, are this:

  • Significant bone bruising on the medial side (which explains him being worse going right)
  • Arthritic changes in both coffin and fetlock joint

So, really, we are not looking at soft tissue as the primary cause of Jack’s lameness. There was some discussion around mild aggravation to the DDFT, but not enough to think that it was related to the overall lameness we are seeing. Which is good!

Tryon Equine Hospital (And standing MRI)

Our next steps are thus:

  • Do balance x-rays and pour-in pads for shoes (today)
  • Make plan for IRAP injections (blood draw today)
  • Do joint-specific blocks to determine how much coffin vs fetlock joint are causing lameness (today)
  • Keep Jack on stall/rehab-paddock rest to limit concussion on feet (in progress)
  • Take baseline x-rays of coffin/fetlock for future reference

Once we determine which joint is more at play in his lameness (or both, who knows), we can make a more exacting plan in regards to time off, and/or when to work our way back into work. Hopefully more on this tomorrow, if all goes well!

10 thoughts on “A little more good news

  1. Oh man, that is crazy how much more info you got from the MRI. You must be glad you did it. I wish they were more affordable, as they provide so much more info. Glad it isn’t a soft tissue thing and you guys have a great plan. Hope you’re back in action soon.

  2. God, I am not jealous of you for having to go through this.

    Playing the “What is causing this?” game is probably the most exacerbating thing but at least you are on track and getting answers!

    On a side note: a standing MRI for large animals must have been super cool.

  3. That sounds much less scary than soft tissue! That’s fantastic you were able to get so much information to go with.

  4. It was well worth the drive to go up there, such great information! I’m so glad it isn’t soft tissue, maybe not as long of a rehab? Crossing my fingers for you and Jack that he will be on the mend soon, this all sounds fixable. it is RIDICULOUS how many parts can go awry on these animals. Really, they are just useless we should be riding camels or something. haha!

  5. I would absolutely love to see if that MRI showed us anything else with Amber’s stifle. That thing sounds sooooo beneficial. So glad that it’s not soft tissue! Sounds like you guys have a good game plan for going forward. Looking forward to more news!

  6. hoping for the best for you guys. Glad you have a game plan in place! And isnt it fascinating how far things have come for horses. I can remember when xrays were a big deal (oops showing my age!). Fingers crossed for you guys that he bounces back fast :)! Then wrap him up in bubble wrap!

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