Hives Update

So Dex must be some kind of miracle drug, because by 5 yesterday, Jack was looking so much better. And while still a little groggy, he was a little perkier- certainly better than the obviously miserable state he was in that morning.

Yesterday at 5pm L side

Yesterday at 5 pm R side

Y’all, I have never seen hives like that on any creature. Seeing a breakout of that magnitude on my own horse was equal parts amazement, stress, and shock. I’m so lucky that my vet was able to come out and ease my fears and give him the IV injection he needed to make everything better.

This morning, things are looking even more improved.

A LH that actually resembles a leg

No more hives!

The plan is to keep him on decreasing doses of oral Dex for the next couple days, and probably keep him off of his normal pasture since we still don’t know what it was that set off the reaction in the first place. This evening I’ll head out to check on the golden boy, ice his leg and stuff him full of carrots.

These horses, guys, they’re going to be the death of me.

7 thoughts on “Hives Update

  1. Kat’s ( mare Holly used to get the biggest hives all over her body, so crazy. Glad Jack is better

  2. Glad the Dex worked! I’ve had two horses that get major hive outbreaks with no clear cause! My current horse can have a case like Jack’s – if I catch it early, I can use human allergy pills to keep it in check (name and dosage escapes me right now). When it first happened, I called my vet and she said – oh, don’t worry, a few hives aren’t a big deal. I then asked if I could text her a picture and she called me back right away to come and get Dex! She was expecting that I was over reacting when I said “my horse is covered in hives!”. lol

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