2017 Fall Plans

After having so much time away from competing and riding with real goals, it’s hard not to sign up for all the things now that I have a going horse. Especially when said horse will (presumably) benefit from getting exposed to more and more venues. Finding a balance has been a little difficult, and as I mentioned yesterday, I imagine Jack will greatly appreciate a couple weeks off to just get lightly worked and pampered.

November tends to be the end of the season around here, though I may be able to squeak in a dressage show or XC schooling come December. We’ll do one more horse trials at the Carolina Horse Park in a month, and then I’ve signed up for a clinic with Boyd Martin after Thanksgiving. That in itself should be a pretty big cherry on top after an eventful year!

There’s been a bit of a lull on the blog of late because I’ve been so. damn. busy. But hopefully this week will mark a return back to normal posting!!

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