Show Recap: September War Horse Final Thoughts

Our only real goal for the War Horse Show was to end on a number and not a letter with Jack. With Riley, it was to show him off to potential buyers and just have fun. The other goal with Jack was just to experience our first overnight show together, which was exceptionally revealing in helping me understand my new horse’s brain.

Things I learned my horse will get anxious about:

  • Being left in his stall
  • Other horses whinnying
  • A random fence not on course in the showjumping ring
  • Footing, particularly going downhill
  • Leaving his buddies

Things I learned my horse will not get anxious about (even if I do):

  • Horses galloping toward him and away
  • Crazy horses in warmup
  • Tents/bikes/dogs
  • Being put to work

Things I learned/remembered about myself:

  • Seriously, I must walk my course 3 times. 3 TIMES!!!
  • My friends are the bomb-diggity
  • If I tell myself to dig deep, I can and will. No more excuses for riding like a sack of potatoes!
  • I really need to find my damn pinny holder
  • Porta-potty advertising is the best advertising (as a show that is)
  • I can ask more of Jack and expect him to rise to the occasion

There are so many things that I walked away from the show knowing that I can implement next time. The more exposure and miles we get together, the better off we are going to be!

4 thoughts on “Show Recap: September War Horse Final Thoughts

  1. Yay Jack!!!! And the things he doesn’t like hopefully will improve with time? Especially the footing downhill… I bet the stronger he gets and as you guys figure out your balance together he’ll be quite happy cantering downhill to a training fence 😁 But sooo jealous of a horse that does well in warmup!!! It is HELL having a horse that panics when another horse (especially a naughty or crazy one) approaches head on. Seriously. The WORST. So YAY Jack for being so good!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this. How you took away positives and learned so much about you and Jack.
    You are truly a great horsewoman/horseperson go you!!
    Ha my Moo gets so distracted by horses in the warm up, he hones into them and tries to catch up to them (typical ex racehorse) it makes me laugh 🙂
    Mel x

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