An Update on Life, Loss, and the BDH

Last week, my father-in-law passed away. I won’t be elaborating on this, as it’s going to take some time for our broken hearts to heal. That’s just the way it goes.

In our thoughts and prayers

Life has been a whirlwind recently, but as time marches on a few things have progressed:

  • We are now 3 days from my first (what?!) recognized dressage show with TC
  • The BDH passed his PPE with my personal vet, who gave him two thumbs up
  • Our showjumping lesson was postponed to tomorrow, with a XC lesson the following Monday
  • Now that I am jumping things again, I found motivation to create things to torture horses with (see below)

I hope to have an update tomorrow on how the showjumping lesson goes, which we are trailering out to for a 7:30am (ick) lesson. Media to follow!


8 thoughts on “An Update on Life, Loss, and the BDH

  1. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. Keeping your all in my thoughts.
    I’m glad BDH found you when he did, animals are great to have around in trying times.

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