Photography Friday: Olympia


Olympia was for me, the event of a lifetime, and a memory I will never forget. The equine performers and competitors were absolutely top-notch, and getting to see some of the world’s best showjumpers warm up, up close, was enlightening and inspiring.



My camera was my only companion for the night, though I did make some acquaintances while in the more personal viewing area at the warm up. But despite being alone, the entertainment was enough that really I didn’t mind.



You can see I was quite struck with this particular act, the Stallions of Portugal. The dressage and riding in this segment was really impressive, combined with lighting effects and an excellent soundtrack- well, what’s not to love?




Most of the images I took in the warm up ring you will have seen by now in a former post, but here are a couple more worth sharing.



Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’m doing two photoshoots (assuming the weather cooperates) that I am super excited about, and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

10 thoughts on “Photography Friday: Olympia

    • Thank you! I was shooting with my 50mm f/1.8 lens, mostly at around 1/500 @ f/2.8. Had to crank up the ISO a bit but luckily I was close enough (I splurged and got decent seats) that I didn’t have to slow down the shutter speed too terribly much. 😀
      This was with a cropped sensor camera- I really wish I had the foresight to upgrade to the full frame body before I went!

  1. Holy amaze balls Britt!!! All of the pictures are amazing but I think the very first one and the B/W silhouette esk of the rider on his horse with the other horse blurred in the background are my 2 favs.

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