Artwork of the Past


As part of the process of removing my thousand or so Breyers from my parents’ attic, I also came upon other blasts from the past. Namely, the art that I produced in high school.


Before sadly tossing most of it in the garbage (because who doesn’t want an anxty goat man over their mantel?) I went ahead and documented some of my favorites. Art for me at the time was just as much a part of me as horses. I was the kid who constantly had a sketchbook with her, doodling throughout class.

I was inspired by energy and had a sharp sense of humor. I’d often put easter eggs in my work, like the chimp in the (rather beaten and warped) piece below. Sometimes it was sarcastic, sometimes it was a little dark, but a lot of time my art was just plain whimsy.


Yes, even then I was annoyed my salmon came out a bit red.

Yes, even then I was annoyed my salmon came out a bit red.


Some of my artwork was pensive stuff like the above, because what else does a horse-crazy teenager draw?



Other work I found was purely abstract, and more about trying new techniques than anything else. But as I was pawing through the masses of art, a couple stood out to me that were worth taking half-shadowy photos of before putting in the dump pile.


Sometimes I get quite sad about how long it’s been since I’ve drawn anything (over 5 years), but then again having a creative career means that at the end of the day I just want to horse and go to bed. And I have my photography as a creative outlet.

But still, it sure was nice reliving each piece of work again, just for a short while.

6 thoughts on “Artwork of the Past

  1. Such fun stuff! I totally feel you. When I worked in design I had NO desire to do anything with art at the end of the day. Now, I’m so excited to get to create or hit up museums, or explore more off-kilter art. I find appreciate it so much more. 🙂

  2. These are so neat! It makes me sad to think of these in a trash can where they’ll never be seen again, but unless you’re planning to hang them in your house or sell them or something, I suppose it does make sense.

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