2017 Goals

You know what I decided? I’m not making any horse-related goals this year.

The reality is that making goals with a super green, super sensitive young just seems a bit overreaching at this point. There’s going to be ups, there’s going to be downs, and who the heck knows where we will be in two weeks, let alone 2 months or a year.

So instead I’m going to focus on personal goals: things I can strive for without placing expectation on Smitty. Things like:

1.Meeting more bloggers
I’ve now been blogging for 3 years, and have come to love being a part of the horsey community locally and online. I hope to meet more of you in person, so if you’re ever in North Cackalacky hit me up!

Blogger hangout in CA!

Blogger hangout in CA!

2. Focus on growing my photography skills
Meaning self-educate, maybe play with artificial light, and learning to be bold and reach out to the local horse community to break into other disciplines and areas.

2016 sessions

2016 sessions

3. Continue to make healthier decisions, and try some non-carnivorous meal options for Pete’s sake
Last year the husband and I started to cut out red meat from our diets. This year he’s going cold turkey, but this girl loves the occasional steak, so that’s a no-go. Instead, I’m going to try and make one day out of the week a “Meatless Monday”- fish/veggies only.

I realize the list is short, but I think by keeping my goals concise I hopefully have a better chance of success.


5 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. definitely relate on the lack of horse-specific goals. like, i have some, but i’m probably not writing them. and they’re small anyway, and totally flexible and based on the horse’s timelines, not mine.

  2. I like the goal to meet more bloggers, I’m adding that to my list, too!
    We do at least one meatless night a week, lots of stirfrys or rice bowls. Check out Thug Kitchen cook book, it’s vegan and has lots of great flavors and non-meat meals. (I love red meat)

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