What a weird year 2016 has been so far. And while the rest of the world seems more and more unpredictable, hey, we can always count on horsepeople to be dependably crazy. Here are 10 things I’m thankful for this year.


  1. Facebook. Because goodness knows how else I would have found a horse otherwise.

2. Chiropractors. Because gravity.

hahaha yeah this didn't happen.

hahaha yeah this didn’t happen.

3. Chronicle of the Horse for bringing me more traffic than this little blog had ever seen before


4. Friends- for not telling me to my face how crazy I am after buying a horse I’d never met.


5. Equally thankful that my friends have trucks that I can occasionally borrow, since, you know, #truckless


6. Wine- because, duh.

Ain't got money for blankets, y'all

Ain’t got money for blankets, y’all

7. Horse blankets. Praise be that Smitty is the same size as Fosterpants, because his saddles definitely weren’t.


Walking into the Tryon Center like…

8. Tryon. Because ain’t nobody got time to drive to Texas for the AEC’s. That is, unless you live in Texas.


9. Smart phones. Because speaking of the AEC’s, there is no way I would know I selfied with Olympians without one.


10. And lastly, I’m thankful for all you fine folks. Without readers there would be no blog, less memories, and all evidence of my personal embarassing moments would still be kept private. Cheers to you guys, you’re awesome.

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