Goals for Smitty

How has it been two months since I first met Smitty? How time flies! But now that I know the little fella a bit, I can make a list of goals, of both the pie-in-the-sky and realistic variety, for us to aim for before the end of the year.

The Horse

  • Mouthy baby is mouthy- reduce the inclination to have to be pacified in order to behave (this includes chewing on reins, stealing my dressage whip, and even hinting at putting parts of the human in his mouth)
  • Get his mane pulled without antics
  • Jump off-property
  • Meet a dressage court [and stay inside of it]
  • Jump the first cross country jumps


The Tack

  • Find a [cheap] dressage saddle with smaller blocks
  • Get the jumping saddle [and possible dressage saddle] professionally OK’d/fitted
  • Bust out the old Stubben bridle
  • Sell the former dressage saddle
  • Ditch the dressage whip for jumping, introduce the bat
  • Find a shimmable mattes pad without breaking the bank?
  • Get a nameplate for his halter (because who doesn’t want a fancy smancy halter!)


The Human

  • Stop being a freaking weenie about the outdoor ring
  • Order photos of the new pony
  • Make up a damn stable sign, already!
  • Install quieter legs (any suggestions here?)
  • Make a basic lesson plan for the baby pony
Being brave in the great wide open

Being brave in the great wide open

12 thoughts on “Goals for Smitty

  1. I don’t know if you’re looking for a Mattes brand pad specifically, but if you’re open to other brands I really love my Ovation half pad. It’s not shimmable but they do have shimmable options. Mine has held up super well under a spring and summer of intense riding, and I’ve washed and dried it twice – it comes out looking basically brand new.

  2. aw i love your goals!!! Smitty is just such a handsome dude – i can’t wait to do many of the same things with my guy!!! 😀 (tho admittedly i just cut his mane with scissors lol – blasphemy!!)

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