For sale

Hi all,
After going through all my horsey stuff (and lordy there’s a lot to go through), I’ve found plenty of things that could go on to new homes. Please take a look and let me know if you are interested in anything. I will do my best to update as things sell. Will accept Paypal, or check/cash if local. Buyer pays shipping. Comment or email me at brittwgillis at gmail dot com.

For the Horse:

bit for reference only

bit for reference only

PS of Sweden Flying Change Bridle $250
Retails for $315. <1 year old, Black, Full Size. Comes with Flash attachment and PS of Sweden canvas bag. Please note: does not include reins (those you will have to pry out of my cold dead hands 🙂 ).

PS of Sweden Throatlatch $14
Never used.


M. Toulouse Marielle Monoflap Saddle $999
Medium Wide tree. 17.5″. Comes with M. Toulouse Saddle cover. Lightly used, well taken care of. Saddle and billets in great condition. Retails new for $1300.


Roma Fly Mask $10
Horse/Full size. Never used.

Dover Pro Sport Boots $20
Retails for $45. Pair (2 boots) included. Good condition, but used. Size XL.

Centaur Polo Wrap Set. $15
Navy. 4 Included.


5″ Waterford Baucher Bit. Used once. $10


5.5″ Waterford Full Cheek Bit

For the Rider: ALL SOLD!

Full Seat Breeches:

Devonaire Plaid FS

Riding Sport Plaid Full Seat Breeches $30 SOLD
Retails for $89.99. Ridden in once. Zip up, Hook closure. Velcro Bottom. Size 28

Devonaire LG/LNG FS

Devonaire Full Seat Breeches $10 SOLD
Retails for $25. Ridden in once. (shadow in picture- not stained). Pull on, Size Large, Long

Knee Patch Breeches:

tan and navy jods

Tuff Rider Navy/Brown Striping Knee Patch Breeches $15 SOLD
Euro Seat. Zip with hook closure. Velcro bottom. Size 30


Tuff Rider Black/Sky w/horses Knee Patch Breeches $15 SOLD
Euro Seat. Never used. Pull-on Size 30


Tuff Rider Navy/Paisley Striping Knee Patch Breeches $15 SOLD
Euro Seat. Ridden in once. Velcro bottom. Pull-on Size 30


Riding Sport Knee Patch Breeches $15 SOLD
Ribbed. Pull-on. Medium brown. Velcro bottom. Size 30


Devonaire Knee Patch Breeches $5 SOLD
Pull-on. Dark brown. Pull-on. Some pilling on seat. Size Large



12 thoughts on “For sale

  1. i have itchy hands about all that nice leather …. but am sitting on them for now bc responsible ppl don’t buy saddles and bridles when they don’t even have a horse lol

      • True; I’ve always had way more success getting rid of some items there than other avenues (plus side you don’t have to deal with people saying they’ll come pick up things and never show, etc). And it’s a place to get more stuff for your NEW horse 😀

        I’ll be visiting it before NCSU game, so I’m sure it’ll be pandemonium in the area.

  2. Ummmm sooooo when you come next week… if the bridle hasn’t been sold would you bring it so I could see how it looks on Chimi? I’m totally interested but have always worried the thicker noseband would look awkward on his face since he had such a slim nose… but if it looks good… well sold 🙂

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