Let’s discuss: Tack on the Trailer?

In follow up to yesterday’s discussion….

Some of you are obviously well blessed in the showing territory, describing trips as little as 15 minutes to your competition destination. The only time I’ve ever pulled a trailer for a mere 15 minutes was when I boarded at a former farm where cross country schooling was about that distance away.

When we would go to that farm, we would go ahead and throw on the horse’s schooling boots in lieu of shipping wraps. I’ve seen people who would even have the horse fully tacked up, bridle and all, with a halter on top and attached to the trailer. This was particularly common in the foxhunting scene I was part of way-back-when, but I never tried it myself, being too worried over either a horse getting caught, or tack getting broken/scratched up.

So you fellows who get to frequent the short hauls- does that change your travel procedure? And for the general public, what accommodations do you make for your horse when travel gets longer than -X- number of minutes/hours?

11 thoughts on “Let’s discuss: Tack on the Trailer?

  1. We definitely play it by ear with this- most of the time if we’re driving over 30 minutes or so we’re stabling on site for a couple days, so we obviously don’t tack up for that. But a couple times we’ve gone 15 minutes down the road, knew we had to be on and warming up for the first division of the day, and it was rainy and gross out, so we shipped in saddles. Never bridles/martingales, and always tossed a cooler over the saddles so they wouldn’t get scraped.

  2. Hauling in tack is super common up here with trail riders and somewhat at local shows, but I’m too paranoid/cautious for it. Plus I generally would rather end up arriving a little early and tacking up there than tacking at home and possibly being late to arrive.

  3. I’ve seen people do this for trail rides and fox hunts, but I don’t. I’ll ship short distances in open front boots that I plan to ride in, but I always saddle and bridle after my horse is off the trailer. To me, it just seems… dangerous? I dunno. Lots of people do it, but I just don’t feel comfortable.

  4. For shows, even when they’re close we tack up once we get there (in case the rings are running late etc).

    For local Hunter paces and all fox hunts we always ship in saddles and then put the bridle on before the horse is unloaded. Most of the fixtures are hustling and bustling and some are on the side of roadways, not exactly where you would want to be struggling to tack up an excited horse who knows its time to hunt!

    I always throw my cover on over my saddle so it doesn’t get covered with hay and I’ve never had an issue. It definitely simplifies life once you get there.

  5. I always tack up at the venue, but will sometimes use jumping boots instead of shipping boots. I’m just too paranoid about something getting caught and causing a problem, and I’d rather plan to be at the venue a little early than have to deal with a horse who got stuck and set back. I’m also a total worrywart when it comes to shipping though.

  6. Heck yes tack on in the trailer! As someone who has to trailer 20 minutes to her lesson (only bc of wiggly dirt roads otherwise it’d be a lot closer) it is sooooo much easier to arrive with a saddle already on! I wait till I’m there to put the bridle on though. Also trailer to hunter paces with saddle on especially bc Chimi can turn into a fruit bat when we arrive and I’d rather just attempt to jump onto his crazy self instead of trying to tack up my flying creature (uggg- hoping he’s learning to chill the f- out as we keep going places!) I do try to put a cooler or a saddle cover on to protect the saddle.

    Also I don’t use shipping boots. I think they’re hot and gross and Chimi’s a good traveler (knock on wood) plus the back boots would make him dance funny! If going longer than 2-3 hours or coming back from a show I will do a standing wrap with bell boots for protection and to reduce the vibration of the road on his legs (apparently that’s a reason for wrapping) though if I had a scrambler or naughty traveler I’d put shipping boots on but so far I’ve been lucky!

  7. i’ll tack up in the trailer on my way to lessons if it’s raining out and i don’t want to stand in the rain putting a saddle on the horse. and yea exercise boots are pretty much our go-to for the trailer. i’ve never taken the horse farther than 2hrs can get us, so haven’t really had to think too deeply about special accommodations.

  8. Big fan of tack on the trailer if appropriate. The main thing I consider though is temperature. I’ll trailer with tack almost always in the winter and just throw a sheet over them because who wants to tack up on the side of a trailer when it’s freezing? But in the summer I don’t do it very often.. it’s already so hot they don’t need another layer when I can just easily tack up when I get there.

    As far as what I do, I’ll do saddle and breastplate. Usually not the bridle. I’ll put his boot on and actually put his velcro shipping boots over top. I also always keep my saddle cover on my saddle while he wears it in the trailer and it’s not cool enough for some sort of cooler or sheet. Overall, I don’t see any horses really seem to mind and it saves some time!

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